Tomillo: properties, benefits and contraindications

He thyme It is one of the plants and aromatic herbs most used, not only among the kitchen to flavor many recipes, but also as an ingredient in Natural medicine to relieve symptoms of mild and common ailments such as a difficult digestion. Although its use is most widely used as a natural flavoring or as grass for tea, thyme can also be used as essential oil.


Thyme, taken in infusion, It helps relieve breathing problems. Not at all, the only property of thyme, as it is also antiseptics and disinfectants thanks to its content of thymol. In fact, one of the uses that supports thyme, and less known, is used as cleaner, adding thyme to hot water and a little soap. Allow to cool, and spray the cleaning surface is sprayed.

Returning to the chapter on health, thyme, mixed with honey, It can be used as disinfectant wound. It also has properties thyme antioxidants, thanks to flavonoid content, in addition to being an excellent source of minerals (calcium, iron, manganese) and fiber.


Thyme has therapeutic effects, being a good ally to reduce symptoms of problems as asthma or bronchitis. Try preparing an infusion of honey, water, thyme and a splash of lemon juice. Bronchodilator effects.

If you have problems digestion, try to take an infusion of thyme after the main meals (lunch and dinner). Add a teaspoon of thyme in a cup of boiling water. Allow to cool, filter and take twice daily.

Thyme is also a good ally women's health, helping to alleviate menstrual cramps and discomfort of premenstrual syndrome. It also has other effects recognized to relieve symptoms of diseases such as arthritis, hair loss, laryngitis, fatigue, stress or muscle cramps. It is also good for relieving stress.


One must be particularly careful when the thyme oil as used, since excess thymol can be counterproductive. If you suffer from ulcers, heart problems or during pregnancy, it is best not to use the essential oil of thyme.

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