Coloring Ellen aP [PHOTO]

The coloring Ellen aP are a fun way to recreate the adventures of the first Hispanic Disney princess. Daring, bold, brave and adventuresome. So is the lovely Elena of aP.

Preferred cartoon children Disney characters have always excelled. And among the new stars of the factory cartoon, Disney princesses have become in recent years in the authentic protagonists.

Drawings of the main character, the brave teenager who has to save his kingdom from an evil witch, alone or with characters that accompany this adventure in a different Hispanic cultures inspired environment. With aP Ellen drawings to paint can organize a fun afternoon of games and paintings. As simple as choosing the drawings, print and start coloring to the latest Disney heroine.

We invite you to visit the gallery where you'll find a selection of drawings to paint Ellen aP, and you can also transform into original cards to give away.

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