How many calories you are in an apple, a banana, an orange …?

Fruit is basic in any healthy and balanced diet and an ally of first weight loss diets. Fruit, although generally has very few calories, it is true that some contribute more than others. How many calories are in an apple, a banana, an orange&# 8230 ;? You have.

The caloric intake of fruits, generally, is very low, at approximately 20 and 85 kilocalories per hundred grams. It is undisputed its Nutritional value, It is an essential food in any balanced diet. If we are on a diet, they are the perfect complement to any low-calorie diet. In fact, it is recommended that at least 3 servings a day, but if you take more (4-5) you gain health without affecting your weight. The fruit also can be taken at any time. Their caloric intake is the same if you eat before or after meals. Of course, if you take it before sitting down at the table helps to satiate before appetite, especially thanks to its fiber content.

How many calories have a Apple? You can contribute up 75 kilocalories, since their weight is somewhat higher (150 grams per piece). Eating apple provides fiber and water. However, a study by the University of Iowa suggests that taking apple with skin helps burn calories due to a compound called ursolic acid.

And one orange? Citrus fruits, in fact, in addition to rich in vitamin C, are very low in calories. An orange has a 42 calories per hundred grams.

There are other varieties of fruits that also provide very few calories:

  • strawberries: 30 kilocalories per hundred grams. They are ideal for taking dessert or snack between meals, yes, without added sugar or cream, better take them alone.
  • Watermelon: It is one of the fruits with higher water content, which makes its calorie content is very low, only 15 kilocalories per hundred grams. It is also refreshing.
  • PearIt contains lots of water and few calories, 45 per hundred grams.
  • Cantaloupe: Ideal for weight loss because it is very light, hardly it contributes 36 calories per hundred grams.
  • Pineapple: Provides very few calories (about 28 per hundred grams), as well as being beneficial for its diuretic, cleansing and satiating action. Pineapple is ideal for weight loss.
  • grapes: Being sweeter have more sugars, but many more do not add extra calories. Black grapes provide about 63 kilocalories per hundred grams, and white around 70.

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