swollen neck lymph node Frequently Causes

The neck is one of the areas where they located the 600 nodes that have in the body. But why would inflame ?, what are the most common causes of swollen glands in the neck? Knowing the answers will help us solve some doubts and, above all, to avoid anxiety to detect us a hard node in the neck.

The concern is undoubtedly the first reaction to the detection of an inflamed ganglion or lump in the neck, motivated largely by ignorance of what the roles of nodes and, in short, is summarized in acting as a protective shield of our body. Furthermore the neck, lymph nodes are located primarily in the groin and underarms. Swelling of glands in the neck is the most common and can occur in both children and adults.

Logically, it is important that the physician certifies the exact cause that caused the swelling of the lymph to rule out other health problems. Among the medical tests, plus palpate the lymph (Also be detected if the rest of the body are swollen or only the neck), it includes a blood and, if the inflammation remains, it may be advisable ultrasound or biopsy.

While it is true that prevention is essential in everything related to health, if we notice a swelling of glands in the neck, before worrying too much is important that we review, for example, in recent days we have noticed other symptoms or ailments especially if we have had a respiratory infection. We must not forget that the signals sent by our body, so you have to feel the lymph, and if we notice hardened, irregularly shaped touch and does not move, seek medical advice.

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