Skin fungus: Photos to recognize and tips to cure them

The skin fungus can affect in different ways depending on the characteristics of the area in which proliferate. They are as common as uncomfortable disorder and soon disappears. Fungi at very frequent piesson but can also occur in the hands, armpits or back, among other areas of the skin, while some of them are more common in the summer-foot fungus that They are spread easily in moist environments such as swimming pools, for example. With the same speed with which invade our skin, we can recognize them and take appropriate action. Logically, prevention plays an essential to keep them away, just as we must not neglect personal hygiene paper. If unsightly fungi while being cautious appear, what can we do?

How to recognize skin fungus?

Fungal infection, as noted above, can affect various parts of the body (face, trunk, hands, feet&# 8230;), where especially sensitive skin infection of children. There are also many forms of fungi, manifesting itself mostly in the form of stains white or reddish, which may be accompanied by itching or redness of the skin. Check out the image gallery in which we have selected the most common examples of fungal infections to make it easier for us to recognize with the naked eye.

If we focus on the specifics of some of them, nail fungus, for example, not only can change its color and texture, but also its shape. Meanwhile, when they appear in the mouth, the symptomatological picture is characterized by burning sensation and small injuries and even bleeding. Especially in the case of men, fungi can affect the English and the genital area. Often it characterized by redness and formation of red spots or white spots.

how to cure them

Treatment for skin affected by fungi must be adequate to prevent expansion to other areas. Usually usually prescribe a antifungal cream or lotion for direct application to the skin. Between the substances most commonly used for the treatment of fungi include clotrimazole, miconazole, fenticonazole. In other cases, when the fungal infection is more severe, it may be necessary to administer oral therapy.

Finally, it is always good to remember some Basic prevention measures fungi, such as not walk barefoot wet areas such as swimming pools or gym; strengthen the care of the person hygiene and to avoid sharing clothes and towels. To perform household chores, it is best to wear gloves.

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