Itching all over the body: The most common causes

He itching or generalized pruritus It is an unmistakable sign that something not going well in our organism. Itching all over the body responds to multiple Causes, including dry skin. Let's see what the more frequent and what to do.

Or dryness irritation Skin may be accompanied by itching, especially when soaps or skin care products are used too aggressive. In these cases, itching or discomfort becomes more intense by the night. However, it is not the only cause that may be behind the annoying itching all over the body.

The causes of this annoyance They may be different and may even be difficult to detect because they do not appear demonstrations or visible marks on the skin. Something that often happens in the case of children. Itching is a symptom, not a disease. Sometimes, the cause of itching or generalized itching may be related to metabolic diseases, such as, for example, hyperthyroidism or diabetes mellitus. There may also be a correlation between itching and kidney disease, as in the case of uremia.

It may happen that, in the presence of a specific disease, a decrease in capacity occurs kidneys to properly filter the blood. Thus, mineral salts, toxins and other waste substances can pass smoothly into the blood and circulate throughout the body, causing irritation, which in turn results in itching.

Even anemia can cause a persistent feeling of irritation or itchy skin. The Iron deficiency in the body, an essential mineral, it is causing difficulties in the body synthesis hemoglobin and therefore, an inflammation of the skin associated with itching occurs.

Itching for body and liver They are also linked frequently. In general, it responds to concentration bile salts causing irritation and itching symptoms. When itching is persistent, do not hesitate to consult your doctor.

generalized itching: when the cause is stress

He stress also cause generalized itching. In fact, it is a sign that our body uses to express his discomfort. Remember that, in a situation of emotional stress, the body produces certain substances that cause an increase in sensitivity nerve fibers, It is resulting in an itching sensation. This is the same mechanism that enalza itching and anxiety. As remedies to relieve itching may be useful in this case, implement Relaxation, like yoga, meditation or martial arts. It's good also avoid the use of any substance or medication that can increase anxiety. If we need to resort to drugs to relieve stress, you should never self-medicate, always consulting the doctor.

Itching in pregnancy

The generalized itching during pregnancy is a common nuisance. It occurs mainly in the area of bosom, abdomen Y extremities. Hormonal changes associated with pregnancy can cause itching. Just think about increasing levels estrogens, as fluid retention and changes in tissue volume.

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