Make love for the first time: Tips and postures [PHOTOS]

Make love for the first time is very important. If you have decided to go one step further with the guy you've been dating a while, you discover the best ways to do this.

There comes a time in the life of any couple, in which the time to take a step further and completely open to the other person is demonstrating the physical love in addition to the psychological. You know the time has come when the two of you feel prepared and the body simply ask for something more.

How to make love for the first time?

For men first sex with your partner is as important as for women. For both will be an important step. Surely you will analyze every move and every comment to the maximum waiting everything perfect, even though in most cases do not happen so, as tastes and preferred positions for making love to each discovered with time and practice. We recommend you do when you trust him so do not be tense and can enjoy.

In the most practical, we will help telling the best positions to do first. With these simple postures you can start your engines.

  1. preliminary: They are essential in any sexual relationship, and much more for being the first time since these practices will help you get more confidence with each other and desinhibiros leaving aside complex; They may be funny tickling, jokes, etc. or more romantic with kisses and caresses everywhere.
  2. 69: This famous pose is perfect for women who still They are not prepared to maintain a full sexual relationship, it ie penetrative, without giving absolute pleasure, and that this position is so erotic will enjoy two full and what is better, both!
  3. Missionary: It is certainly the sexual position par excellence and one of the Kamasutra postures preferred by women, in which the woman lies face up and man face to face is placed above it; certainly, a position that will allow look at you in the eye and gain confidence with each other, as well as Share kisses in abundance.
  4. Horsewoman: Here the woman is taking the reins, sitting opposite the man and moving hips noticing a deep and most satisfactory penetration, and thanks to the male pubic stimulates the point G.
  5. The little spoon: In this position, despite not being face to face. your bodies are glued so able to take advantage caress you and what you feel like, very different from the so-called doggy style, completely lacking romanticism.

We hope that with these ideas your first time is very satisfactory and if not, do not worry, it will be over time. Just remember always protect you. Good luck.

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