Short hairstyles 2015: What trends take? [PHOTOS]

Short hairstyles 2015: What trends take? To start with a very good start 2015 we can turn to a new haircut. New Year and new haircut. If you have long hair and you're tired of it advocates a radical cut hair, but you're so bold bet for a long or a short bob bob. Short hair, no doubt, is one of the trends for 2015. Read on for all trends.

Tips and benefits of wearing short hair

Short hair is always edgy and very flattering, We also always takes years off. Short hair is very comfortable when washing, combing and dry, so it's a perfect short for women with little time. To succeed with your new short haircut commitment to go to your barber or hairdresser header. They will advise you if that &# 8220; short haircut fashion&8221; you can look good. Apart from cutting you should think about adding some color if you fancy through a dye or wicks. The short hairstyles are ideal for carrying color.

Asymmetrical short hair is one of the trends of 2015. short hair cut, but at the front left longer as a fringe layer. Neck and side of the head you should wear shorter. It's a very flattering hairstyle women of each round, with asymmetric get remove roundness to the face. Another cut short pixie hair is the trend, which already has several seasons of success. The pixie cut short takes the masculine style or a hair-tousled touch. In winter 2015 we will see with bangs. To enliven the Shorthaired we can choose to add reflections clearer and we get highlights to the face. For the latest they can opt for a cropped pixie cut side or colored dyes.

shorthaired garçon

Another short haircut that devastates sure Garçon is very blunting cutting, with no apparent order, but hair care and 100%. To get this kind of hairstyle is best to use short hair products such as gel or pomade. To work this hairstyle use your fingers and see blunted tufts arbitrarily, but carefully.

bob cut

If you do not want to cut both the best hair is a bob cut or a bob. Mean manes are carried layers and tousled light waves. Cleopatra style manes are always a classic, but no longer carry as straight but with layers and lots of movement. But the most fashionable bob cut It is the one that is slightly below the ears. This type of cutting is a hair tousled-effect or with natural wave. If instead you prefer a shorter bob, you should take over the ears, it will be a hair style helmet, while respecting the Melenita style.

short curly hair

Who say that women with curly hair can not wear short hair? The reality is that they can look spectacular short cut. Before you cut your hair you must think curl up and cut us give extra volume. The best thing for us is cutting it favors scaling and our curls must be perfectly hydrated. Another option that never gets old is a short afro.

Never short with shaven

The short hairstyles with shaved neck They are highly topical since Scarlett Johansson and Rosamud Pike wore on the red carpet at the Oscars. Ahead the hair style can be normal, with toupee, all hair back, parted on one side&# 8230; but the surprise comes in the neck, which is totally shaven. Check out our gallery to see bobs more trend for 2015 and Get ahead of the new winter 2016 next fall.

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