How many calories are burned walking one hour?

Walking is a very complete exercise because it activates a large number of muscles contemporaneously. It has been established that a distance of 4 to 5 kilometers, this activity It can help us burn up to 280 kcal / hour, which finds that is one of the best exercises that reported results without great efforts. Used to go for a walk every day It is the best way to avoid a sedentary lifestyle. Especially if we are concerned about our weight, we must be more active and to start exercising without overloading the body, nothing like doing one smooth and easy, like walking. Perseverance and willpower is the only price we have to pay, otherwise all are benefits.

Benefits of walking

Devote at least half an hour a day to this activity, apace, reports interesting benefits for our body. Input, remember that exercise is one of the healthiest habits, and the perfect ally, along with diet, to hold off the extra kilos. It is also an excellent anti-stress method because it allows us to give us a break from our daily routine: work or home.

Major health benefits of walking every day

Walking helps keep cholesterol at bay, prevents blood pressure problems and maintaining balanced levels of blood glucose. Other benefits to be highlighted are that improves lung capacity, reducing the risks of heart disease and cancer. It is also a good ally to improve mood and avoid anxiety and stress. To all this, we must add, as we have indicated before, that can help us eliminate the extra kilos. Any aerobic exercise is effective, provided it is done the right way and steadily.

How to start burning calories walking

At first, especially if you have not practiced any exercise, we must start with a slow pace, to gradually increase progressively. Must reach peak no more than 80% of the maximum heart rate, maintain this intensity for about 20-30 minutes, gradually reducing the intensity of exercise.

To give more intensity to the exercise, we can choose a route with hills, slopes or steeper areas. This will make work more legs and arms. To add resistance exercise, It may be some hand weights or sand bags around. If the weather is not, we can also perform this exercise on the treadmill, the benefits are the same. You can also adjust the speed and incline of the surface and do the exercise at home or in the gym.

There are other tips to keep in mind that walking does not cause discomfort, such as the dreaded shoelaces. To do this, it is important stretch the muscles before and after exercise. Raise your heels alternately for several minutes, stretch your legs and arms leaning on a bench&# 8230; It should also be monitor footwear, choosing an appropriate sneaker and hold the foot well and is comfortable. If you have a problem knee or overweight, it is best to avoid routes with level changes (better flat areas).

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