Short love poems: The most beautiful

Short poems most beautiful love. Discover the best dedications you can give your partner at any time in your relationship to make you happy.

In a relationship normally they exist from the best filled moments of happiness and love, until more discussions unpleasant, but if we were the first ones, certainly we remember any of the details that our partner has had with us, such as one of the most romantic French phrases.

and let the sun shine,

That will be the day

I leave you in love.

If I had to make a gift,

I would give a mirror,

because after you,

The nicest thing is your reflection.

My window glass

I fogging with my breath,

in it I write your name and

then I erase it with kisses.

I love you more than my mother,

and I feel that I'm sinning,

because she gave me life

and you me you're taking.

Orange was born green and matured time,

my heart was born free and yours captivated him.

I often wonder where perfection is,

only when I look I find the solution.

They say the gods and sages say

that to enter heaven must kiss your lips.

If tonight you look out the window and feel cold,

Do not think it was the wind, which was a sigh of mine.

If your body off your chains jail and arms,

I not think of a better place to meet thousand sentences.

I need the heart that makes me live,

but I need you because you do beat.

Sometimes I wonder why life is so beautiful,

Now I know why: Because you're in it.

We hope to have helped you sweeten a little more your relationship with these lines; sure if your partner is romantic will keep them forever.

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