15 sexual techniques to surprise a man in bed

To surprise your partner It is very important to innovate during sex, routine and boredom They can lead to a lack of desire by both parties and therefore become a long-term problem. Please note that by nature men think about sex an average of 19 times a day, and so it is good to know that there are some techniques that will help you surprise your guy and make you enjoy an incredible way relationship.

If you are a person sexually active, You've found the perfect man for you, and you like to surprise your partner, you can not miss these 15 sexual techniques to surprise a man in bed:

1. The spool

It is basically contracting the vaginal muscles, clenching and unclenching his penis with them, repeatedly, to delay ejaculation and male orgasm achieve high intensity.

2. tántrico Kiss

Some just before the climax, you must stop and stand a few minutes kissing your partner as you acompasáis breaths through a good kiss where not to make mistakes. This stop accentuate the intensity of pleasure for both.

3. Florentino

Practice in which women, positions man back holding his penis while he penetrates to take skin as far back as possible. Thus intensifies the male orgasm. You must be careful not to overdo tightening, yes.

4. Squeeze

During the time of ejaculation, the glans is pressed to avoid expulsion of semen and then the penis is squeezed 3 seconds sandwiching pressure in each of the areas following four repetitions ejaculation is allowed to flow, making the pleasure of it intensify.

5. spidery

Consists in massage the whole body gently with fingertips especially areas near the scrotum form. This stimulation does not directly but intensifies pleasure increases the excitation.

6. hanky

The year has countless nerve endings and is very pleasurable stimulation during intercourse for men, this technique involves inserting a handkerchief rectally and stretch it gently during orgasm. It will go crazy.

7. Postillonage

Similar to the prior art is to introduce the pinkie in the year of man moments before ejaculation.

8. Carezza

During intercourse, the rate of penetration is controlled so that it is more intense when the man is just excited and reach even stop when you are greatly. It serves to extend the life intercourse and female orgasm possibilities.

9. The nine movements

During intercourse the man intersperses insights shallow only the glans and other deep. So that interleave 7 mild and two deep. This will raise the level of excitement of both.

10. The voyeur

The men love to be dominate and above all see how excited women. This technique involves masturbate in front of your partner controlling times when it can intervene to touch you, making it clear who commands all time.

11. Dog end

This is one of the favorite postures of men by the position in which the penis affects the vagina, this makes them feel the muscles causing pressure around his member. try bow your head until it reaches the height of the arm, this inclination pIt otenciará pressure and pleasure.

12. scrotal Massage

Another way to intensify the pleasure of a man is practice fellatio at the same time it massages the scrotal sac. Without a doubt, ejaculation and stimulates excitement grows considerably.

13. Reverse Felación

This form of oral sex is placed lying head falling out of bed so that man can enter the penis throat as if it were coitus. This posture increases degree of depth fellatio and ejaculation speeds.

14. Lubrication

If during the sexual act lubricious continuously glans giving flick, It will be more durable erection and arousal during intercourse as well.

15. Fetal Position

The lateral sex in fetal position it is one of the favorite positions Men also happens if while penetration massaging his testicles from below, the pleasure will be immense.

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