5 Tricks to delay rule

The menstruation is a natural process that should not be altered, it is true that a designated as a special celebration date or a trip are some of the moments in which the lowering of the rule may be inopportune, for those rare occasions we propose 5 Tricks to delay rule. Some women recognize no discomfort during menstruation, others, however, are under severe discomfort that can be disabling to perform everyday tasks. Remember that these methods should only be used in exceptional cases in which the rule is an impediment for us not to overindulge.

Home tricks to delay the menstrual cycle

  1. Contraceptive methods: The contraceptive pill It is the most effective method to delay the rule. As hormonal contraceptive, inhibits ovulation, so by following the instructions specific to the contraceptive pill we can delay the rule a few days. The contraceptive ring also provides this option allowing delay rule.
  2. drinking lemonThe popular belief attributes lemon ownership help delay rule, yes, it is taken in large quantities several days before the start of the rule. It can be taken with water, and can help delay menstruation between one and two days. Another option is to replace the lemon vinegar.
  3. eating lentilsAlthough they do not have scientific basis, the popular belief attributed to certain foods effect delay rule. To do this, it would be necessary to include these foods in the diet for at least one week before the start of the rule. These foods include lentils. Meanwhile, it avoiding certain foods that increase body temperature and favor the emergence of the rule, such as garlic, hot pepper, paprika, chili or ginger.
  4. Physical exercise: The intense, like stress or emotional anxiety physical exercise can cause the delay of the rule. Naturally, stressed is not the best idea, but the sport itself can be a trick to use if we intend to postpone a few days. If you're not used to doing physical exercise or do not have the physical condition for intense table should not follow this advice because your body will not be ready for the overload. The advice is increase the rate and frequency of exercise depending on the physical condition or the habit of doing sport.
  5. Cold shower: The cold water It helps delay, block or slow the flow. It is given a bath of cold water, according to, the colder popular belief better.

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