Kamasutra positions: The most loved women [PHOTOS]

Kamasutra 2015 photos

Postures most loved women of the Kamasutra. Find out what are the best positions of this famous book most do enjoy any woman.

He is known as Kama Sutra It is a book from India and one of the most influential in history for both men and women, thanks to the chapter in which the author lists and illustrates 64 'arts' to make love, and many people confuse with the book in its entirety.

Among them we can find all positions, including best to make love on the bed and enjoy, but there are certainly some with whom women can enjoy more because of the situation of their erogenous zones, and which the feeling will be infinitely more remarkable.

  • romantic posturing: If your goal is not besides enjoying ever losing the romance, you can try positions in which your faces and your bodies are close together as Seesaw, triangle, lotus, number 8 or some more typical as missionary, one of the positions that will help you lose more calories.
  • deep stances: Certainly when most enjoy a woman in bed is the time when the position allows very deep penetration, especially If the partner is not too big, and among them we can find positions as the V, the pinwheel, the padlock, the ascent to lust, fan, sailboat or pecking.
  • riskier positions: If your bed is not strong and do prefer standing on a chair or table, postures as the chair or the padlock They are perfect, but you can try all you can think of where you want. Be careful, though, with some positions that, if you are not very fit, they can be dangerous.

Among them there is one that no doubt will make you enjoy the most, the call lateral samba, in which you place while you sideways with legs stretched and forming a 90 degree angle with your torso, your child will be placed stretched above you, resting his arms on either side of your body.

With this approach your guy stimulate different areas to which normally you are used, and the feeling is spectacular, but you can also choose to use lubricant for comfort, while keep your legs closed.

We hope that these positions you achieve what you set out in your relationships, and get it both you enjoy experiencing in bed or wherever you want.

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