Ten cities which is better in Spain

You know what the Spain city where you live better? There are many personal factors influencing the time to be happy and feel integrated into a city, from family and friends to the workplace. There's others external factors that determine the quality of life as the price of rental housing, taxes, basic services such as education or health and climate. These issues have served to develop, from a study by Nuroa.es, the ranking of 10 cities which is better in Spain.

Cities where is better in Spain

  1. Real city. This typical Manchego and quixotic city has the honor of leading this particular ranking thanks to their services are the most affordable economically speaking: rent, health and education&# 8230; good connections with Madrid and the fact that, not being an excessively large city does not own overcrowding in schools and healthcare are also evaluated. Its historical and cultural heritage and its privileged location They make it an ideal place to live, especially young couples with children town.
  2. Cáceres. This beautiful medieval city ranks second. It is especially prized for its mild climate with many hours of sunshine a year, this must be must be added that is one of the cheapest cities to rent a home. Caceres has two additional attractions, it has been chosen Spanish Capital of Gastronomy and was elected in 1986 World Heritage City by UNESCO.
  3. Ávila. Castilian city, famous for its wall, complete the podium of the Spanish cities with better quality of life and more benefits in terms of rent, health and education. Although it is one of the cities recorded lower winter temperatures more than he makes the cultural wealth possessing, he was named World Heritage City by UNESCO.
  4. Badajoz. You have nothing to envy its neighbor cacereña because only one position separates ranking of Spanish top ten cities in quality of life. The weather also plays for the frontier city, like the fact of having the cheaper and affordable services.
  5. Basin. La Mancha City famous for its hanging houses It is at number 5 of the ranking. Basin It is a small town which, among other treasures a rich heritage legacy, not being at all crowded, offers more affordable services and the possibility of getting more affordable housing.
  6. Logroño. Communications and the cost of basic services such as water, allow Logroño be among the top ten cities with better quality of life, although the weather is a factor that detracts some points. Logroño is also an ideal place to enjoy the good food.
  7. Albacete. Castilla la Mancha It is, according to the ranking and as the factors analyzed, the autonomous community that seems to be lived better. Inside the La Mancha province, famous among other things for its gastronomy (cheeses, wines), it seems to have the best conditions for its inhabitants enjoy a better quality of life.
  8. Saragossa. The Aragonese town, internationally known for its magnificent basilica, is not overcrowded like Madrid or Barcelona (despite being a big city) which makes it a good place to live. Time does not always accompanies, although the average temperature is around 15 degrees. Another point in its favor is to have good communications (high speed train). A modern city with a great cultural heritage.
  9. Valladolid. The capital of Castilla y León has a lower valuation on issues such as climate (too cold in winter) and the cost of housing. To its credit, found other factors such as basic services (health and education) and taxes. In the case of IBI, it is one of the lowest in the ranking.
  10. Pamplona. Close this list of the cities undoubtedly best known internationally thanks to sanfermines, to which he surrendered himself to Hemingway. Pamplona is a city where good food It is sufficient for inclusion in the ranking reason. It is a city of young atmosphere and numerous tourist attractions what to visit.

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