English pain: Causes and Remedies

He pregnancy usually one of the main causes why women suffer from pain in English, but there are other causes for this pain appears in Ella Today we tell the Possible causes of groin pain and remedies to combat. The main thing is to identify the origin, the pain may vary in intensity and appear mild or continuously, can become a very annoying pain and even disabling. A slight twinge at a given time may mean nothing, but if repeated, especially increasing pain, should consult a doctor.

Causes of pain in English

  • PregnancyThis pain is common during pregnancy, especially during the last weeks of gestation. Here is the result of increased weight and volume of the stomach. The weight of the belly can tensing the muscles causing pain in English.
  • Osteoarthritis: Diseases affecting the joints, particularly hip include Possible causes of pain in the groin. Osteoarthritis is a chronic degenerative disease characterized by deterioration of articular cartilage.
  • tendinitis: The chronic inflammation hip can cause a fracture affecting the groin area causing inflammatory tendinitis.
  • Adductor muscle overload: Pain may also be symptom of a groin injury characterized by adductor muscle overload, for example after making an extra effort or brisk walking for a long time. The best therapy, rest.
  • Cystitis: Cystitis is one of the most common diseases among women and also the most annoying. It can cause severe pain in English. With these simple habits you can prevent urinary tract infection.

Symptoms according to the source of pain

  • Lump in the pubic area and pain and swelling. This is symptom of an inguinal hernia, It is a type of rare disease among women, but to know how to recognize it.
  • Pain in the left groinThis type of pain may correspond to a infection in the pelvic region.
  • Groin: It may be a sign of kidney stones, if they occur suddenly and last from several minutes to several hours, you may correspond to a renal colic.
  • Acute pain accompanied by dizziness and fever: Faced with this type of pain can be treated ectopic pregnancy
  • Stomach ache and discomfort: This pain can come accompanied by fainting and fever and it corresponds to a polycystic ovary syndrome.

home remedies to relieve pain English

  1. Aloe vera: Drink a glass of aloe juice before each meal prevents inflammation of the stomach, or it is good to prevent hernias.
  2. Col and clay: The poultices of cabbage and clay will relieve your pain considerably.
  3. Fu Xiang plantThis plant has calming effects treat inguinal hernia.
  4. Calendula tea: It is beneficial to treat inflammation and inflamed tissues.
  5. LaurelThis helps prevent intestinal spasms and aids digestion plant is recommended to prevent hernias.

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