brown discharge: Causes and when we have to worry

commonly brown or dark brown stream flow, are those losses dark blood non-menstrual type, which can be verified either intra-menstrual period (between one cycle and another, often at the same brown flow ovulation), either little before menstruation itself, or even brown flow during the first stage of pregnancy (in this case, yes, they are normal and determined by the implantation of the egg in the uterus, known as implantation bleeding).

Causes &8220; spoting&8221;, this is the term that gynecologists used to define the phenomenon of dark blood loss, They are different depending on their origin, and in most cases they are not cause for concern but, yes, we must not undervalue them, especially if it is repeated episodes. Now let's try aclarártelo, distinguishing between losses &8220; spoting&8221; dysfunctional or organic origin.

Flow causes brown or dysfunctional origin spoting

It is the most common cause, especially in the childbearing age, and should not gynecologic pathology of organic type (discussed below), but a psychophysical condition of imbalance, or problems nature &8220; mechanical&# 8221 ;, all solvable.

Brown flow Cause 1: Stress

The hormone cortisol (Whose levels rise when are stressed) and hormone adrenaline, They work together putting the body in alarm. A state that influences the hypothalamus, the part of our brain that also regulates the activity of our ovaries, Like all corporeal biorhythms. [/ Multipage]

Cause 2 brown flow: Eating disorders and obesity

When a woman has problems related to food, such as anorexia, bulimia, obesity caused by binge eating, menstrual cycle also lose the north. Especially when we talk about bulimia nervosa, you can even disruption of the menstrual cycle (secondary amenorrhea).

They are benign tumors that grow in the uterus (can be cervical or endometrial), and one of its symptoms are these dark blood loss. They can be easily diagnosed by ultrasound, and must be observed and surgically removed. In any case they are harmless. To learn more about the fibroid uterine fibroid uterus or click here.

Cause 7 brown flow: Injury pre-cancerous and cancerous

Suffer this kind of spotting a recurring basis, and more so if one is already in menopause, You can be raise suspicion that there is something more serious. Perform every 2-3 Years Pap smear from age 25 onwards is the best way to prevent this kind of pathology.

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