Pilates benefits for women

Do physical exercise always advisable, especially when some condition is suffered in particular as diabetes or hypertension. Modalities for keep fit and strengthen our health and well-being Pilates is included. Let's see what your benefits for women.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is named after its creator, J.H. Pilates in the early twentieth century, although it has been in recent years when it has become a real revolution as a method Body care .

The particularity of Pilates is that it is a sport that It can be practiced at any age, working both appearance physical as the emotional (Breathing exercises and active relaxation). Thus, the sum pilates stretch yoga, Tai Chi fluidity and respiratory control. Pilates works the balance, strengthening back, buttocks, legs Y arms. Pilates helps us regain body control and movement, avoiding harmful for our body postures. Among other reasons, the practice of Pilates is recommended in cases of muscular rehabilitation or back problems as it is a method that provides firmness to the lower back and core muscles.

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