Dizziness Possible Causes and when alarmed

blurred vision, increased sweating, headache and malaise. Are the symptom Common accompanying dizziness, a passenger discomfort, annoying and you need to pay attention, especially when it occurs abruptly and without apparent cause. It is important seek medical advice for the cause, since in some cases it may preempt a health problem, such as lack of some nutrient (vitamins, for example) in the diet or blood pressure.

The truth is that seasickness can be a symptom of many pathologies. At other times, simply must, for example, we've spent too many hours without eating. Dizziness, in this case is resolved timely and taking some food and trying to lead a more orderly and healthy diet. Dizziness also come caused by emotional stress, by intense pain or an fall in blood pressure.


Especially when a sudden dizziness occurs, but it is repeated over time, it is important to consult a doctor.

Dizziness can be caused by diseases related to the spine, as cervical arthrosis or whiplash and should not be underestimated in these cases the symptoms. Dizziness is a symptom, which usually occurs when suddenly shakes his head. Another cause of dizziness or vertigo is found in the ears, especially when disorders affecting the inner ear, which plays a key role in maintaining balance.

Behind the dizziness also may be a problems with blood circulation. In this case, we must pay special attention to blood pressure, whether it is high and if it is low, especially when we get up after sitting for a long time.

Seasickness, as noted above, may also be related to a unhealthy diet, For example, taking too many fats and sugars. In these cases, what happens is that the body gives us a warning, so it is advisable to consult the doctor and follow a detox diet basically involves taking natural foods that help cleanse the body and release toxins. Eat a lot or take little fluid can also cause blood pressure and lose sometimes increase the risk of dizziness.


Remedies for seasickness vary depending on the cause that causes it. Before using any remedy should consult the doctor to know what is the most appropriate treatment. So, if we suspect that this is a hearing problem, you should go to the otolaryngologist.

If dizziness are related tension, to relieve symptoms can lie down with legs slightly raised, which help the blood from the extremities to the heart gets easier and raise blood pressure. If dizziness is caused by a drop in glucose in the body, it should take a little sugar to restore levels Normal blood. If dizziness occurs after a trip, take a infusion thistle.

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