vaginal itching: Symptoms and causes irritation in the vulva

    He vaginal itching It is a nuisance It affects most women at some point in their lives. It is desirable to know their common causes and symptoms to treat and remedy because itching in the intimate area is can be very uncomfortable, annoying and sometimes inopportune.

    We are facing a health problem that continues to cause some embarrassment and shame in women, often do not dare to talk openly about it. In most cases it is accompanied by the emergence of bank flow thick and can be treated in a mild disease or normal physiological process as it happens in the days before menstruation. Still, it is wise to pay attention because it can be a warning sign of other problems.

    1. Itching sensation or vaginal irritation

    According to medical data, this is a common problem to which women are more vulnerable, annoying and uncomfortable are two of the adjectives that best describe this problem. Although usually a mild problem should treat it to avoid possible complications such as vaginal infections. He vaginal itching or irritation in the vulva It can be accompanied by pain mainly due to the dryness of mucous membranes. Check out this article that we recommend the best products to prevent vaginal dryness.

    2. infections and vaginal itching

    Infections are one of the most common causes that cause itching intimal area, may affect the vulva, vagina, cervix and endometrium neck. Candidiasis is the most common responsible for this annoyance, followed by bacterial vaginosis (Garnerella vaginalis), other bacteria which is always accompanied by a malodorous flow.

    3. vaginal itching: Yeast Infections

    infections They may appear for a reduction in defense or problems in the balance of vaginal flora. Vaginal itching produced by fungi and bacteria It must be treated with antibiotics and antifungal products (products that have the ability to prevent the growth of some fungi), as quickly as possible to prevent the infection from spreading and, above all, to reduce the risk of relapse.

    4. Vaginal Itch: vestibulitis vulvulare

    A intimate infection little is known, but can cause itching and burning in the vulva and pain in relationships is called vulvulare vestibulitis, a chronic inflammation of the outer part of the vagina. Your doctor or gynecologist should evaluate the treatment they need to relieve symptoms bothersome.

    5. vaginal itching caused by cystitis

    Cystitis infection is caused by the invasion of microorganisms in the urinary tract causing discomfort, burning and itching in the vagina, symptoms that are accentuated when urinating. It is an inflammation of the lining of the bladder to be treated that can be extended to other organs. In this article we offer a few simple habits to prevent urinary tract infection.

    6. vulva irritation after depilation

    Depilation intimal area it can cause problems if not done properly. If we want to remove all the hair must be done atraumatically avoid using harsh chemicals, most advisable perianal depilatory wax is. After waxing, hair growth can cause discomfort such as itching sensation may be caused inflammation of the hair follicles (Folliculitis) and cause scratching continued.

    7. Vaginal Irritation and menopause

    The decreased estrogen during menopause can have an impact on the balance of the vaginal mucosa, with consequent loss of natural moisture. The vaginal dryness It is one of the main causes of vaginal itching and irritation in the vulva.

    8. vaginal itching and hygiene

    Excessive hygiene, using inadequate or too aggressive products, it may be detrimental to the balance of the vaginal flora further drying and irritation of mucous membranes. It is best to follow some basic guidelines for personal hygiene and, above all, bet on natural products as possible. Remember that good personal hygiene is essential, but too much of this, either by the use of unsuitable products or by excessive friction can be detrimental to your vaginal balance.

    9. vaginal itching allergy bedding

    Allergy underwear and bedding can cause vaginal irritation and itching, especially when it comes to synthetic fabrics. It is best to choose comfortable clothes natural fibers such as cotton or silk, and avoid other textiles that can irritate the skin and cause allergies. there are certain vaginal itch creams, as vaginesil or dermovagisil, with which you will notice a instant relief from itching in the vagina.

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