Sore Throat: Causes and useful remedies for plates

Sore throat or throat plates are very common and occur in all seasons. In summer, for example, the use of air conditioning can be a risk factor; but also in winter, as they do a little cold or moisture, are common. The cause is a viral throat infection or a bacterial infection of the upper airway.

It can affect both adults and children, especially the younger they tend to put objects in their mouth and, therefore, can become infected throat more easily. even his immune system, not being fully developed, it can make them more vulnerable to the emergence of throat plates, besides colds and flu.

Plates and sore throat

Generally, we associate throat problems cold, but summer is also exposed, for example, the air currents, air conditioning (sudden temperature changes) or colder or ice drinks. Throat plates are a respiratory infection that manifests itself pockets of pus in the same throat, easily identifiable.

For children, when difficulty eating and drinking appear, you can relieve pain with traditional grandma's remedies, including, hot milk and honey. It is important (and this is for adults), not try to remove or break plates pus swab or cotton swab, as well as dangerous infection can spread further. Another excellent palliation is the thyme infusion.

Treatment of throat infection

In most cases the origin of this disease is bacteria, streptococcus. The doctor or specialist should suggest a throat swab for proper diagnosis and, in this case, proceed with the administration of antibiotic therapy possible. But in the throat plates they can also have a viral origin, such as the classic seasonal flu. In this case antibiotics are ineffective or counterproductive.

Sore throat: Homeopathy and Natural Remedies

The symptoms can be treated with homeopathic medicine, for example with oscillococcinum or natural remedies. They are an excellent partner teas sage, we know they have anti-inflammatory properties. Gargling with a mixture of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar can also relieve discomfort characteristic of this ailment.

Throat infection and fever

If episodes of high fever appear can take a drug such as acetaminophen (or, alternatively, ibuprofen), which also has analgesic properties. But you always have to be careful not to exceed the recommended dose as it may be dangerous to the liver. It is best to consult a doctor.

Side effects

The medicines for throat infection, even if sold without a prescription, they can always have side effects. Moreover, especially in the case of younger children -the which as we have seen are more prone to such infections tend to put objects in their mouth, you should consult your doctor to ensure that the treatment we are following is the more correct.

Throat infection in infants and children

Throat infection in infants and children is more common than you can even imagine, especially at school age and the early months of course is the peak season of contagions. We can also find this throat infection accompanied by bad ear. In these cases, better take the child to the doctor and help nourish themselves properly to strengthen your immune system.

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