Twin pain: Causes of muscle stiffness in the legs

    Have you noticed a feeling pain in twins when walking or after making an effort? Pain is a signal that tells us muscle stiffness in the legs. But what are the Common causes causing this discomfort?

    Legs, like the rest of the body parts, They require specific care, because among others, are especially vulnerable to heaviness, tiredness and muscle stiffness. What is known as twins pain can manifest with pain stinging, intensity more or less acute, and can be located at a particular point or spread to the rest of the leg.

    1. Multiple factors

    Pain in the calf or calf You can answer multiple factors, from the most mundane causes such as muscle aches to walk or after a drop or overexertion, other ailments which may involve affecting circulatory system. Let's see what are the possible causes.

    2. It hurts my twins: Causes

    It is difficult, at first glance, determine the exact cause that can trigger symptom related pain legs and, specifically, with the pain of twins. Although it can occur at any age, there is a stage in which the women we are especially sensitive to this kind of ailment, it is the pain of twin pregnancy by increased body volume.

    3. How pain occurs

    The pain can come in a particular point (at the outer side, inner or twin). Among the most common causes of pain it includes the consistent use of high-heeled shoes too and awkward postures. In the latter case the trigger is usually a muscle problem, especially if it occurs after running.

    4. Other injuries

    certain injury repetitive stress, injury, distortions (Affecting joints) or muscle tears (Rupture of some muscle fibers as a result of an effort, stretching or violent movement) are triggers. This pain can be accompanied by cramps muscle and inflammation of the tendons (Tendinitis).

    5. Circulatory

    Other causes of pain in the twins are related to the circulatory system. Thus, for example, calf pain can be a symptom of phlebitis, inflammation the walls of veins, risk factor DVT (Partial or complete one or more veins of the circulatory system of the upper and lower extremities obstruction).

    6.- Nervous System or joint

    Twin pain can also be a symptom linked to nervous system diseases or articulate, such as rheumatoid arthritis (chronic autoimmune inflammatory disease) or different types of neuropathy (Disease affecting the nerves).

    7. Pain in twins: Treatment

    Once certified the cause may be applied treatment more appropriate. If the pain is mild and transient, simply rest and, if necessary, apply cold to reduce inflammation. If the pain is persistent, and not just attributable to a physical effort or a stroke, it is advisable to consult the doctor.

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