¿Lipoma or sebaceous cyst ?: All differences

A lipoma is a benign tumor adipose type, while the cyst is an accumulation of fat . In principle, there are often associated with major complications, but that does not mean we should ignore their appearance. Today we want to tell the main differences between lipoma and sebaceous cyst, the causes of their occurrence and treatment.

Lipoma or cysts: What are they and why they appear?

A cyst It appears in the obstruction of the ducts of the skin glands They are forming fat, so that it accumulates and retain the bump appears. Meanwhile, lipoma or tumor It is formed by excessive proliferation of fat cells storing fat under the skin, forming a rounded mass. It is very rare that a lipoma become a malignant tumor.

Sebaceous cysts usually they appear well defined, wrapped in a capsule or pouch formed by the dilation of the walls of the glands have obstructed, and since these They are formed beneath the skin, Cysts are attached to it. To the prevent the outflow of sebum (Having a waterproofing function and skin lubricant), cysts become visible as black or white dots. If the blockage continues, it will eventually expand and reach a size that varies depending on skin types. Meanwhile, lipomas usually appear not attached to the skin, and in fact they can be moved underneath.

Both cysts and lipomas They are more common in adulthood. They can appear anywhere on the body, although the cysts, for example, are more common on the face, back and chest. People suffering from acne may have a skin more vulnerable to the formation of sebaceous cysts.

How a lipoma is removed and therapy

There are different methods to remove a lipoma, there are aspiration based treatments, but these methods They are not definitive and lipoma can play if it has not been removed completely. The final method for removing a lipoma is surgical removal. This is a minor surgery that does not require hospital admission, on the same day of surgery you will be in your home. This type of surgery is performed under local anesthesia, rarely general anesthesia and would be used in the case of larger lipomas that can appear in areas such as the back.

The reasons to remove a lipoma are, in most cases, aesthetic and to avoid the possibility that tumors become malignant.

How a sebaceous cyst is removed and treatment

The surgery to remove a sebaceous cyst is to make a open incision to remove both the cyst and the capsule that surrounds it is very important that all content is well removed but may reoccur easily.

It can give the possibility that the cyst is infected, in this case the procedure would administer antibiotics to then proceed to the removal or draining the contents by puncturing. The main reason to remove the cyst, lipoma like, is aesthetic, another reason is eliminate pain and prevent infection.

We hope to have solved your doubts about differences between lipoma and cysts, If you have questions on these issues we recommend you read our article on the differences between tumor and cyst and how to find out if a breast lump is benign or malignant.

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