Breast pain in pregnancy: when it starts, how long and remedies

Breast pain is not just a symptom of pregnancy itself, but it is one that can announce it. In fact, it is one of the first symptoms appear. Of course, first you have to confirm the pregnancy and avoid confusion, because breast pain is also typical of premenstrual syndrome. We discover in detail what are the symptoms of each and their major differences are.

By menstruation breast pain

When a woman is pregnant, the sensation of pain is accompanied by the first breast changes, such as increased size and nipple that usually becomes darker and areola becomes larger. This does not occur during the premenstrual period, where although an increase in breast size is given, no change is observed in the nipple and pain usually goes away after about two days.

Changes in the breasts during pregnancy

As is noted, changes in the breasts can be a first signal of a pregnancy. In fact, it may appear about two weeks after conception. More noticeable breasts swollen, even painful, but mostly different to the touch and sight.

Pain in the chest, as noted, can be mistaken for one of premenstrual symptoms. However, doubts will be resolved within a few weeks, when the area around the nipple change hue and it gets bigger, something that does not happen naturally with the arrival of menstruation.

Breast changes that respond to hormones and the preparing the body for future breastfeeding women of the baby. Chest pain should not be underestimated, as it can be very annoying, even some women admit having trouble carrying bra or even not be able to sleep on my stomach. This is due to an increased sensitivity of the breasts.

How long chest pain?

Like other common discomforts of pregnancy, pain is variable and its duration and intensity depends on each woman. Thus, there are women who suffer serious discomfort, while others just experience changes in the breast.

Usually, the chest discomfort appear within a few weeks of conception, tending to decrease from the second trimester of pregnancy. Often the pain is intermittent, ie, comes and goes. From the third quarter, in addition, the nipples may begin to secrete a yellowish substance and dense. Its about colostrum, liquid produced in the first few hours after birth.

Remedies to relieve breast pain

If the chest pain is very pronounced, we can use some natural remedies, such as applying cold compresses and warm water, and prevent underwire bras (may irritate the area) and prevent stomach sleeping. it is best to sleep on your side, as well gynecologists recommend.

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