Eyebrow micropigmentation: Prices and tips for a perfect tattooed eyebrows

    ¿Natural or tattooed eyebrows? This is the dilemma that many women face. Perhaps you've seen friends, neighbors or co-workers who always look perfect eyebrows. It is possible that perfection is the result of the eyebrow micropigmentation. If you do not have or are sparsely populated eyebrows permanent eyebrows delineated is the solution. Then we help you solve this dilemma some advice my supplies and prices this technique.

    1. Cejas fashion: eyebrow micropigmentation

    Within eyebrows fashion is very changeable, no eyebrows for all tastes and styles: XXL eyebrows, thin eyebrows, false eyebrows, thick eyebrows&# 8230; But this time, we are going to talk about the eyebrow micropigmentation, a perfect technique for women who want to look perfect eyebrows.

    2. Why tattooed eyebrows?

    The reasons for an eyebrow micropigmentation are varied. For example: dissatisfaction with not being able to give the desired eyebrows or a wrong hair removal that has left unpopulated bald and eyebrows form. There are other more tragic cases where due to illness eyebrows have disappeared and many women are forced to recreate their way.

    3. What to do in these cases?

    For those women who have bald spots the solution is to use a special eyebrow pencil. Currently, there are many cosmetic products for makeup and shaping eyebrows. However, for those more extreme and advanced cases, you can resort to eyebrow micropigmentation hair by hair. Another treatment to repopulate eyebrows are implants. Remember that micropigmentation is not permanent.

    4. Tips tattooed eyebrows

    Before venturing to submit to treatment eyebrow tattoo, You must take into account a number of considerations. Before anything you must look for a prestigious beauty center with qualified professionals. There are numerous establishments tattooed eyebrows and eyes, but not all of them are recommended. Remember that your face is your business card and if he suffered any damage would be a shame. Errors (eyebrows) that can be paid very expensive.

    5. Before micropigmentación eyebrow

    Consultation acquaintances who have come to this center and collates reviews from other users and will help you decantarte by one or other beauty center. Once decided where to go with the specialist must decide what the type delineated eyebrows and color which you decantarás. This will depend on your hair color and skin.

    6. The method

    He delineated eyebrows it's simple. The specialist will draw eyebrows with a pencil, thinner or thicker according to your tastes and facial features. Finally, this part is disinfected where eyebrows traced to create the tattoo with a needle and natural pigments. Medical implants pigments under the skin, therefore are temporarily in the body. Due to the irregularities of the dermis, the pigment must be retouched after a few months.

    Prices and advice

    Undergoing treatment beauty of this type ranges from 350 euros to 500 euros. Once after a while you must repeat the technique, retouching may comprise that price or more. The Spanish Association of Micropigmentation different price ranges recommended by treatment, such as: technique hair hair monocolor costs 450 euros (initial treatment), if a three-dimensional eyebrow tricolor costs about 500 euros. The review of 12 months costs about 225 euros, the 18 months 360 euros etc. Correct color, tinting&# 8230; You can raise the price.

    8. After micropigmentación eyebrow

    Eyebrow micropigmentation does not have many side effects, but after making the tattooed you must take care that area. Each day you must clean the eyebrow area with a sterile gauze and saline, this is done to clean and leave the possible bacteria free zone (that can cause infection). You should do it for 7 days. Remember carefully dry the area after cleaning. You should avoid hit, scratch or scratch you in that area. Avoid applying cosmetics on that area for a week. You should also avoid the pool and beach for 7 or 8 days.

    9. Define eyes

    We are facing a perfect treatment for those women who They want to define your eyes. Today, eyebrow micropigmentation has a rather natural finish, so this treatment helps many women who have problems with their eyebrows.

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