High Iron Blood: Symptoms and treatment for high ferritin

Excess iron: Diet, symptoms and consequences of high blood iron. Iron is a mineral essential for our body, but even as the deficit or deficiency can be a problem for health -Anemia, for example, so is its opposite, ie the Excess iron in blood. The fatigue, continued without apparent reason, it is one of its most characteristic symptoms, but not the only one. Knowing what this anomaly of our body will help us identify Causes to treat the problem as soon as possible. A problem which, as we shall see, food also plays a key role.

Excess iron, like lack of it, is not good, so we should not underestimate their symptoms. You can have consequences for our health? The answer is yes. In fact, we know the opposite situation, ie lack of iron in the blood (anemia), but when it comes to the excess of this mineral do not usually pay much attention. An anomaly against which may take a number of measurements, including the choice of the most appropriate diet. He high blood iron in pregnancy It is not frequent, so if this is your case, watch what you eat.

The presence of an excess of iron in the body can be the result of several factors, both inherited as food. In fact, a diet rich in foods with a high content of easily absorbable iron such as red meat, can be considered a major risk factor.

For its part, the hemochromatosis is a disease that often hereditary, characterized precisely by the accumulation of excess iron in the tissues because of a defect in the regulation mechanisms of mineral metabolism.

Progressive and excessive accumulation of iron in tissues, over time, can damage the functionality of many bodies, from the liver to the circulatory system, causing the appearance of different pathologies, such as heart problems, liver cirrhosis, fertility problems, arthritis and osteoporosis. It is essential, therefore, diagnose and take the necessary measures following the doctor's advice.

high blood iron: Tatamiento and Diet

To counteract the excess iron in the diet, it is essential to choose foods and substances that, among its properties, including reducing the amount of iron absorbed and limit foods rich in this mineral, as Red meat. Among the partners, calcium, an essential mineral that inhibits the absorption of iron and found in a number of foods, such as milk, yogurt, cheese, sardines, broccoli and almonds; oxalates (Spinach, kale, beets, nuts, tea, bran, strawberries); polyphenols, present in coffee and cocoa. And a food to be reckoned with, egg, rich in proteins of high biological value and is appreciated for its content phosvitin which helps reduce the absorption of iron. Remember, avoid as far as possible the iron-rich foods.

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