Dukan Diet: weekly diet menus at any stage

Dukan diet, diet planning weekly. Here we detail what programming you must follow during the seven days a week to lose those extra kilos.

There are many opinions that have been made about the Dukan diet, but are you sure to know all about this famous eating plan? Then we take care precisely to bring you all the details about Weekly planning the Dukan diet to lose weight.

The Dukan diet is characterized by high protein plan and consist of three phases: the first is called the attack phase and it fat stores are captured and alerts the metabolism. The second phase, known as the cruise phase of Dukan diet is for weight loss; while the third phase is consolidation resume and introduce all foods diet.

In this first phase of the diet you can only eat foods rich in protein and should avoid any kind of sugar, fat or calories. This phase, which lasts between 2 and 3 days, will help you lose weight. Here you can eat chicken, turkey, veal and beef, eggs, fish, shellfish, smoked salmon, milk and yogurt.

One of the menus for the Dukan diet during the attack phase may be comprised of a breakfast of 2 eggs, 1 cup of yogurt and a biscuit, ham or turkey, two slices of smoked salmon with yogurt or cottage cheese and for dinner 2 eggs with grilled chicken and yogurt.

But do not think that is the only alternative because you can structure your Weekly planning the Dukan diet as follows:

  • Breakfast: Coffee and two eggs, 200 g of low-fat cheese with a slice of lean ham.
  • lunch: Eggs with mayonnaise, yogurt with two hamburgers, steak, salmon or surimi with chicken breast and yogurt.
  • Snack: 100 g of yoghurt or low fat cheese.
  • Dinner: Marinated mussels with seafood or ham and eggs with vanilla cream surimi and salmon.

Cruise phase of the Dukan diet

At this stage, add new foods allowed on the Dukan diet, vegetable proteins. However, you must keep careful not to consume, for example, carrots and beets more than once a day.

At breakfast you can eat 2 eggs, yogurt and 2 biscuits, a salad for lunch and chicken breast with green beans and low-fat yogurt. For dinner, two slices of salmon fillet with spinach and yogurt.

Consolidation and stabilization phase of the Dukan diet

In the consolidation phase you can go back to eating sugar and carbohydrates, ie, bread, cheese, fruits and starchy foods, reserves the pure protein day Thursday. The stabilization phase should take place for 10 days, taking into account that only Thursday can consume protein and also do not forget to take three tablespoons of oat bran every day.

Dukan diet, weekly diet to lose weight

Here are the weekly calendar of meals dela Dukan diet.

  • Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays should consume: Breakfast: Low-fat yogurt with three tablespoons of oat bran and a cup of coffee or tea. lunch: Baked salmon seasoned with lemon or with a yogurt sauce with chopped shallot. You can alternate with eggs or seafood. Snack2 low-fat yogurts. Dinner: Omelet with low-fat yogurt and three slices of ham.
  • Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday should consume: Breakfast: Three tablespoons of oat grains and low-fat cheese. lunch: Grilled meat with spices and chicken or turkey with two low-fat yogurts. Snack: Low-fat yogurt or an egg. Dinner: Grilled turkey with eggs or low-fat cheese.

Also, do not miss the best recipes of the attack phase and stabilization of the Dukan diet.

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