Crash diet pineapple and chicken diet in three days

You are looking for a fast and effective diet lose the extra kilos? With the crash diet pineapple and chicken in just three days You will see the first results. Slim down It is easy if you follow the premises of a diet that has in these two -very low-calorie foods the best allies for compensate for excesses committed and, above all, to win the battle on the scale. We tell you how to lose those kilos that hardly realizing it, have won in recent times. With the crash diet pineapple and chicken. A diet that in just three days, will help you get rid of those extra pounds.

It is not always easy to resist the culinary delights and the wide range of sweets, drinks ... inciting snacking between meals. However, if we have risen to the weighing machine with a few extra kilos is time dieting, debug and replace not add more extra calories diet.

Pineapple and chicken

The pineapple is an ally of the first to care weight. Not only it is prized for its nutrient content, especially vitamins, but is also low in calories. Depurative, detoxifying and satiating, thanks to its fiber content. For his part, chicken It is a white meat, a healthy, which provides high-quality protein and is also low in calories and unsaturated fat, which is essential for weight loss.

Being a restrictive diet should not follow it for more than three days. Yes you can rest and take it up the next week. Of course, during this interval not forget that you must bet on a healthy food, varied and balanced, because otherwise we will ruin the diet. [/ Multipage]

Breakfast and lunch

This diet has been allied with two foods that, in addition to its low content calories, It helps you debug and offset the excesses, achieving the result to get rid of the extra kilos. In addition to the chicken and pineapple-a fruit that help you lose weight because of its high water content and fiber, as well as being saciante-, it is advisable to replace the coffee infusions or digestive herbal teas.

  • Breakfast: An infusion slices and fresh pineapple (150 grams).
  • As morning: A piece of fruit or a stick of whole grains.
  • Food: Chicken (boiled, grilled ...) and an infusion. You can prepare chicken accompanied by a vegetable salad or rice.

Afternoon tea and dinner

Snack: A yogurt (you can add a tablespoon of oatmeal) or a cup of skim milk and toast with low fat cheese.

Dinner: Pineapple (the amount you want), accompanied by an infusion. You can also take rice to accompany pineapple. And before going to bed, drink a glass of fruit juice.

Tips to follow the diet

  • chew: Eat slowly and take your time to chew each bite. This way, you ingerirás fewer and feel better.
  • do exercise: A daily walk, a bike ride ...
  • Keep schedules: As far as possible must be respected schedules, both meals and sleep.

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