Navel piercing: All you need to know before you certify thee

He belly button It is one of the body parts most chosen to wear a piercing, especially among younger. Undoubtedly look a little diamond in the center of belly It can be very beautiful and attractive. But besides the esthetic, must take into account the Health before putting it on. We'll see everything you need to know about navel piercing before certify thee.

Bellybutton to look stylish without doubt the piercing has become a whole trend, especially among young people. Wearing a navel piercing can be attractive, sensual, especially in summer and accompanied by a nice tan. But before getting a piercing, it should be stressed that what seems so simple in appearance, can lead health risks, especially if it is not done by serious professionals and meet all hygiene standards strictly. risks and infections navel after drilling to place the ring or earring. For this reason, should certify thee before know very well how to do.

Pain that can occur when making piercing the skin above the navel-with a needle- is very subjective, as it depends on pain threshold from each person. Generally, it is a normal intensity pain, but if the jewel or hypoallergenic earring which is inserted done the right way, the pain will disappear quickly. However, like all minor injuries during the first few days we can see the navel area sore, so you have to take extra care. In addition to daily cleaning and disinfection, as we have seen above, it not sleep face down, to avoid chafing. Also avoid the exposing the area to sun, swimming in the sea or get dirty with sand. If after the first few weeks notice the area is red, even painful to touch, is very likely to have an infection, so immediately go to doctor.

Navel piercing Infections

Fundamentally, we can talk about four possible adverse reactions to the navel piercing:

  • He granuloma, fleshy protuberance that develops around the wound
  • He rejection.
  • The fibroids or benign tumors They are growing under drilling or hole.
  • The inflammation and skin irritation.

Moreover, after replacing the hypoallergenic another jewel other metal, it may appear one allergy the latter. If any of these infections appears, the piercing should be removed, especially if fibroma or granuloma.

Before getting a piercing, something that may seem harmless as tattoos, you have to be aware of what we do with our bodies, and be very scrupulous in choosing the professional who will perform, as well as in wound care during the healing time.

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