cracked tongue: Causes and Home Remedies

do not pay full attention it deserves, sometimes even when we brush our teeth, but the truth is that the language It is an organ that can reveal many things about our state Health.

This is the case for example of cracked tongue (Also called plicated or scrotal), a benign condition It manifested by the appearance of slots or fissures on the surface of the tongue. It is considered that the language is safe and clean when it has a pink and smooth. But why occur these cracks?, What can we do to prevent it ?, and above all, what are the most effective remedies?

Although cracked tongue is not coated major complications, should not be underestimated, it is advisable to consult the doctor about the best remedies to eliminate cracks. Cracked tongue, whose exact cause remains an unanswered question, can occur at any age, It is in some cases a hereditary problem. The diabetes also can make us more likely to have cracks in the language, what other factors like must be added the stress, bruxism, spicy foods, he tobacco and food allergies. In fact, by eating spicy or hot foods It may appear a feeling of pain, as if the cracks of the tongue are too deep (in some cases may reach 6 mm). If you see swelling plus pain, feeling burning or increases the sensitivity in certain areas, you should consult your dentist and we may be facing a problem of fungal infection or other disorders (geographic tongue, for example, a smearing).

Home remedies

What are the best remedies for cracked tongue? If not of any troublesome symptom, the problem can be solved by following a few simple tips and home remedies. So, first, you have to take care of oral hygiene, including cleaning of the tongue when brushing teeth. This also helps prevent infections in the language.

If the cracked tongue is accompanied by halitosis (Bad breath), you should use a peroxide toothpaste to remove bacteria You have may have been accumulated in the cracks. It can also be effective to apply a drop of toothpaste, twice a day, directly on the tongue and extend.

He Garlic and the ginger, for its antibacterial properties, are also a good remedy. In this case, peeled, cut and crush the two ingredients and add to a glass of water. The resulting mixture do gargle. It is also advisable to include in your diet foods probiotics to reduce yeast infection, a frequent risk in the case of cracked tongue.

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