Hair cuts staggered spring / summer 2016 [PHOTOS]

Hair cuts staggered spring / summer 2016. One of the star hairstyles for spring / summer 2016 will be scaling hair. Scaling will be the big star of trendy hairstyles for the upcoming hot season as we have seen on fashion runways. From the backstage, the best hairdressers fashion offer us staggered cuts able to really meet all the needs of women seeking a haircut full of style and glamor.

In the varied landscape Trends Spring / Summer 2016 have a prominent role undoubtedly cuts scaled or stepped hair. These types of cuts are perfect for those who want to change their appearance without upsetting too the length of your hair. Scaled cuts hairs help us give movement and dynamism to the hair, as well as a touch of personality. Haircuts scaled become a total requirement for the next hot season. Hair scaling courts are basically divided into three main categories: long hair, with a more or less obvious scale depending on the taste of each, asymmetrical cut or grunge style (bob) and short cut.

For those who love long hair will be quite easy to apply this trend. As we have seen on the catwalk, these escalations long cuts will be complemented with straight bangs, rounded or open. You can follow the trend gringe, halfway between the fringe and locks). In the long hair can escalate according to your needs, you can take a discrete or more radical scaling to give more movement. As for medium hair cuts you can bet on a bob cut short or long bob. This type of escalations are completely trend hairstyles also are very chic and glamorous. the average manes messy escalations or a touch 80 Another way to bring the middling is the grunge style, very 80s and 90s Even short hair can be very flattering scaled design, as swang take. You can choose to a very short bob with retro flavor a scaling designed to frame the face, as we have seen in the parade of Gucci.

Another haircut that can carry scaling is the pixie, but should not be a razored cut, but with a blunt tufts design and escalations. With short hair, Believe it or not we can play a lot. Option is to wear your hair climbed to one side and the other shorter, or scaling and long sides and the clear head. As you can see there are plenty of hairstyles escalations super flattering for Spring / Summer 2016. Visit our photo gallery to see different escalations to look stylish hairstyles.

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