swollen hands in the morning or during the day: leading causes

    swollen hands in the morning or during the day: leading causes. Do you often wake up in the morning with swollen hands and even that feeling lasts all day? Swelling of the extremities and in particular hands, can be a symptom of some common physiological alterations that in most cases are not severe and yes transient.

    However, swollen hands may also be accompanied by pain when trying to move the fingers or even at rest, tingling or difficulty touching objects. What can we do to combat these symptom and to avoid a deterioration of the quality of life? When prevention and treatment is important to know the causes, therapy to follow and, above all, ruled that the swelling of the hands can cause serious diseases.

    1. What are the main causes of swollen hands?

    As often happens, identify the main causes swelling of hands is not easy, since they can be varied and because diseases or deficits very similar. Usually, the swelling of the hands, not coincidentally also called edema is caused by Water retention.

    2. Excess dietary sodium

    It can happen in cases where there is an excess of sodium in the diet, because of premenstrual syndrome or in the last months of pregnancy. Hands, on the other hand, can also be a due swell inflammation of the joints, as in the case of arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis -accompanied further pain, redness and warmth in the affected-area or by a infection .

    3. Circulation or carpal tunnel syndrome

    A bad blood circulation or carpal tunnel syndrome and a wrong position during sleep or at work, can cause swelling of hands, in addition to the obesity, hyperthyroidism or hypertension, among other pathologies.

    4. Use of drugs

    A separate chapter is the use of certain medicines, as antidepressants, drugs for diabetes and high blood pressure, steroids and drugs for hormone therapy (such as birth control pills or in the case of menopause) may also cause swelling of the limbs.

    5. remedies for swollen hands

    The first step to combat the problem of swollen hands is to make a diagnosis and then continue therapy. For mild and transient cases it is also advisable to follow a series of basic rules. First, reducing salt in the diet that promotes water retention and therefore edema.

    6. Drinking water

    It is advisable to drink at least two liters of water a day and avoid alcohol and caffeine, as well as physical exercise regularly. At this point, advice, raises his arms up, fists clenching and unclamping to promote better blood circulation and help drain excess fluid.

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