Hair cuts and color Spring / Summer 2016 [PHOTOS]

Cuts and hair color spring / summer 2016. And 2015 left behind and are now ready to make cuts and trend colors for spring-summer 2016. It must be said, true to the truth, no major developments in terms of hairstyles, cuts and color for 2016. It still carries the more natural style. Wide variety of choices to suit the style and tastes of every woman and every age.

Let's start with short hair, which dominated the winter 2015 Cortes short and youthful hair, which will remain the protagonists also in the hot season, with the difference that we will see further cuts net and determined. super short cuts, or even with a shaved head (cuts that leave only a few millimeters of hair). This type of hair is rendered has be worn with original colors like jet black or platinum blonde, both tones are ideal for not go unnoticed. The short haircuts are very young and cool, especially if they are reinforced by a slight curl or curl thicker. This type of hair lets you take a short afro.

The Ronze has been one of the dominant colors of 2015 and will be in 2016. What other colors are trend? Red and blond tones, which are fine for those with fair skin. Finally we have the courts to long hair, for those who opt for long hair, classic cuts, parted in the middle or wear bangs. For people who have curly or straight hair, it is best to bet on a cut scaling to ensure the highest possible volume. In color for long hair, on the catwalks we have seen that triumph chocolate brown, blacks and more natural blond. Check out our photo gallery to see all the cuts and trendy colors for spring / summer 2016.

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