And permanent dye eyelashes: pros and cons

And permanent dye eyelashes: pros and cons. get a glare and deep is one of the objectives of any woman when it comes to makeup and to this end, it is essential care and makeup of the eyelashes. To do that takes time and perseverance, as the tabs require some care to be always perfect. With advances in cosmetic It has always tried to save time, and there are alternatives for eyelashes, which is permanent and dye for eyelashes. With this technique have freshly painted eyelashes as usual, but, like all progress, you have some advantage and some inconvenience.

Many advances in the aesthetics of recent years that allow us to be perfect without always spend a lot of time. However, unfortunately, all newly created techniques always have some drawbacks. Is it worth taking the risk? Judge for yourself, here are the advantages and disadvantages and permanent dye eyelashes.


The appearance of our eyelashes plays an important role in the appearance of our face. Permanent is a technique that allows our tabs have a curvature that will enhance our gaze. In addition, it is a very fast and with immediate effect treatment.

The main drawback is that there is a permanent treatment, since it is necessary to repeat every so often.

As for the permanent, keep in mind that the tabs suffer enough, as does the hair when subjected to permanent treatment.

Meanwhile, if we think of the dye, we can not forget that it is applying a strange and alien to the body substance in a very delicate area of ​​the same, so you have to be careful and go only to specialized centers.

The effect is spectacular, but you must not forget that, although it is more uncomfortable, you can get a similar effect with false eyelashes, in case you decide not to try this treatment.

As you see, nothing is free of problems and risks to be assumed, but you're in charge of deciding how much of the balance weighs more and the last word on whether or not you dare to try this technique.

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