Wool collar Patterns and step [PHOTO]

Collars Wool: How do step by step. You want to protect you from the cold? What better to do one of the following necks wool We'll show you? Follow our recommendations and You learn to do step by step.

How to make a wool collar stepwise

Material: About 100 grams of coarse wool (may be a color or more), crochet 8-9 mm, scissors and needle wool.

Elaboration: First, weaves a row of strings. We recommend that you tiles as you try to view the required length.

Once you have reached the desired length takes two chains and begins to weave a full row of low points from the second point chain. When you reach the last point rotates the chain and lift three chains in the air.

Finally only remains to continue weaving the turns necessary to complete the width you want.

Collars wool Children

Material: Wool two colors appropriate to the thickness of the yarn, scissors and needle wool needles.

Elaboration: First, mounting two points and increases a point will see a somewhat disorderly work. However, as advances neck wool children acquire form. The end of the path of the points it makes you, depending on the age of the child. One of the simplest and uniforms for this neck knit garter stitch options is always knitting right spot.

If you did not have broad notions about knitting, do not miss the following guidelines for knitting.

Finally, you must add the pompoms. To weave, cut two circles on a piece of cardboard, join them and rolled wool until a thick woolen wheel. Introducing short wool scissors between the cartons. Mete a strand of yarn between the lead and tied firmly. Take the circular templates and retócalo until the rounded effect of the pompom.

Wool collar crochet

materials: 170 gr. thick woolen yarn, crochet needle size N, scissors and needle thread.

Elaboration: First, make a crochet chain of about 60 cm in length. It begins with simple point line in the second chain from the needle and in each chain to the end of the row. Turn, make a string point and then weaves a single point on each of the points along the neck.

Repeat the third step until collar reaches the width you want. Finally, adjusting and using the needle thread to weave the loose ends.

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