False Menstruation: Symptoms to recognize

    Which are the Symptoms to recognize false menstruation? It is not always easy to identify the false menstruation although if you look closely, its color is a little darker and more liquid texture. Can be related to various factors, such as taking the morning after pill or a possible pregnancy.

    If it is not accompanied by other abnormal symptoms, do not be alarmed. Next, let's look carefully at what it is and what are the signals that alert us of a false menstruation.

    1. What is meant by false menstruation?

    False menstruation It is one that It takes place in the first weeks of pregnancy and it manifests with Typical symptoms of the rule, but with some subtle differences that, if we know, we identify smoothly. Logically this phenomenon varies greatly from woman to woman and does not have to be all women. No need to worry because It is considered a natural process product implantation of the egg in the uterus after conception.

    2. Features to recognize false menstruation

    False menstruation It characterized by loss of blood, more or less abundant, but with a duration less than the menstrual cycle and some differences in color and texture (With a pinkish-brown hue of thinner consistency).

    3. Symptoms of false menstruation

    False menstruation You can bring achieves symptom as: light bleeding, abdominal pain similar to the rule, feeling tiredness and irritability, breast discomfort, headache and tenderness in the breasts and genitals. To resolve all doubts and prevent you generate unnecessary concern it is best to consult the doctor, meanwhile, we give you some tips on how to relieve pain or menstrual cramps.

    4. False menstruation during pregnancy

    Not to worry because during pregnancy, particularly during the first quarter, losses of more or less abundant blood may occur. The reason for this false rule is the result of the implantation of the egg in the uterus. For women with irregular cycles should pay special attention to the symptoms and characteristics of false rule since blood loss in early pregnancy It occurs after conception.

    5. False menses and other disorders

    It can also be a symptom of other disorders of women as the presence of polyps cervical canal, rupture of varicose veins and blood vessels in the uterus or genital tract. If blood loss are more abundant, persistent, and are accompanied by other abnormal symptoms, like a Intense pain located mainly in the lower abdomen, cramps and blood loss dark brown color and texture denser, it is advisable to seek medical advice.

    6. Prevention

    Prevention, as in any aspect of health is fundamental. This prevention will be much more effective if we have the necessary information and We know the symptoms and causes. False menstruation, as we have seen, can be a sign of pregnancy during the first few weeks. If it is not your case, please consult your doctor to rule out other disorders.

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