Seafood during pregnancy: Everything you need to know

Seafood and Pregnancy, Are they at odds? It is true that seafood is an excellent source of protein, but it is also true that during pregnancy, care should be taken with some varieties as well as how to preparation This type of food and should avoid raw fish or seafood (So forget about oysters, sushi or carpaccio). It is not only prohibit, but to prevent food choices and more benefits we report at this time.

The seafood is tempting, but which should set limits during this stage. Protagonists of tasty dishes based on fish, it is better to opt for other culinary options during these months, to keep away any unnecessary risk.

The truth is that this is a food which it has always generated many doubts on whether or not to include in the diet of pregnant women. Logically, taking moderately (seafood, moreover, is not a food that is part of the daily diet) and properly cooked, you can take advantage of its benefits.


Potentially beneficial omega-3 fatty acids, experts believe that the risks are greater than the benefits that can report. The advice, therefore, will avoid taking seafood or at least reduce their intake at specific times, and always after careful cooking, whether it's mussels, such as clams, squid, prawns, cuttlefish or octopus. Their delicious taste can hide unsuspected microorganisms or dangerous pathogens.

In particular, the risk has some very specific names. Infections that the mother has the risk of endangering the health of the baby, such as salmonellosis, a group of disorders caused by a particular type of bacteria, salmonella. There is also the risk of anisakis or called toxoplasmosis, an infectious disease and usually harmless, but if contracted during pregnancy can be dangerous for the baby.

The squid, cuttlefish or octopus, if cooked at high temperatures, can be consumed in moderation. Besides cooked, they can be prepared grilled.

To make sure your diet is correct, during this stage is essential to consult with your doctor, especially to clear all possible doubts about certain foods, such as seafood precisely the case.

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