Hairstyles for oval face: What feels better? [PHOTOS]

Each type of face is doing a type of hair, sometimes we endeavor to show off a kind of haircut that we love, but it is not suitable for our type of face. According to visagism studies, the Oval face is the perfectly proportioned face. Today we tell you what the best hairstyles for oval face. Visit our photo gallery and discover what suits you best.

If you do not know your face type or not these if yours is oval we leave a few simple tricks to recognize certain: It's a bit wider at the height of the cheekbones, has a front provided as jaw. All factions of the oval faces are balanced Thus his face is very harmonious. Luck is that having the oval face can allow almost all kinds of hairstyles: it can take a long, scaled, with volume, a bob cut, midi hair, cut garçon&# 8230; So with the kind of hair style, you can wear it straight, curly, wavy, natural&# 8230; In short, you can go experimenting until find your ideal hair cut, as you can afford.

As for the long hair much better to take them with a cut or scaling layers on the front and frame so you get over your oval face, you can wear smooth, with curls or waves, remember that waves are natural hairstyles trend. Finally, oval faces are ideal for pixie cuts, you will see God with them, bet on a cut or pixie garçon to leave your features exposed.

As you see the oval face everything favors him so do not be afraid to experiment and try new cuts. If you want ideas, do not forget to visit our photo gallery to be inspired by the hairstyles for oval faces we suggest.

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