Liver pain: causes, symptoms and remedies

He liver pain It is a nagging feeling that is located on the top right of the abdomen. The pain is not always caused by a liver disease, but there are certain factors that make us more susceptible, such as excess weight or excessive alcohol intake. know your Causes Y symptom It will help us identify the disease and to treat it appropriately.

We not always pay due attention, at least until the first discomforts appear, although it is one of the bodies fundamental, liver. What are the most common causes of liver pain ?, how to recognize its symptoms? and, above all, what can we do to to prevent and to remedy this pain? Let's take a closer view all these aspects.

Liver pain: symptoms

The symptom liver pain translate into a painful sensation, sometimes poignant, which can be accompanied by abdominal swelling Y sickness. Usually it appears after eating or drinking, and after performing intense physical activity. Among symptomatic manifestations also include a bitter taste in the mouth. Pain in the right abdomen superior, in most cases, is related to pathologies biliary tract and other organs. There are diagnostic tests that allow properly assess the health status of the patient.

The causes of pain should be attributed to liver disease liver or biliary and extrahepatic pathologies. Hepatitis is caused by an inflammatory process viral infections, or alcohol abuse drug intoxication. Responsible liver pain can also be gallstones, which are formed in the gallbladder or bile ducts, often due to high cholesterol levels.

Other diseases that can cause liver pain must also mention the duodenal ulcers, the pancreatitis, herpes zoster and irritable bowel syndrome.

At pregnancy some disturbance of this kind may also occur due to bodily changes that occur during the gestation period, including the enlargement of the uterus and its rotation to the right side. This can lead to compression of the tendons and muscles, causing a painful sensation.

Liver pain: Remedies

The remedies for liver pain are related disease that causes it. In general, the first and preventive treatment is measured through the nutrition, a balanced diet that includes reducing carbohydrates and fats. Also should reduce drinking coffee, tea, chocolate and nuts.

It is also important to perform breathing exercises, when the problem is caused by the excessive compression of the diaphragm. Sometimes, if you are on some kind of drug treatment, it may also be advisable to stop taking certain supplements or medicines, since, especially anti-inflammatory drugs should not be used indiscriminately. All drugs have side effects, so you should not self-medicate or abuse them because they can affect organs such as the liver.

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To prevent fatty liver, what should you do?

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