Laxatives to lose weight: The most natural weight loss

  • Boldo tea and other infusions
  • Fruit of rosehip and aloe vera
  • The onion

There are natural laxatives that can help us in those moments when our metabolism slows down its activity toxins accumulating and retaining excess fluid, which results in increased volume that is not always well accepted. In addition to causing possible imperfections, accumulation of toxins is not good for our body, a cleansing diet helps not only to lose weight and lose weight but allows the liver better filter these substances and restore a balance in the process of eliminating such substances . Let's see in detail which foods may have a function of natural laxative to lose weight and lose volume without harming our body:

What are the most recommended laxatives to lose weight and natural?

Laxatives have become a supplement for weight loss, although its consumption should be in moderation because, on the one hand, its function is to activate the gut and, secondly, if we turn to laxatives artificial, like all drugs, you can have side effects if not administered properly or abused. Input must clarify that laxatives help us lose fluid, not fat, so it is important to control when and how they are taken to avoid risks such as a possible dehydration or loss of body water balance.

Laxatives should be used as a complement, not a substitute for food. Weight loss is not just a question of reducing the number of calories, but to revise our eating habits because on more than one occasion to wear an unbalanced diet is precisely the cause of excess weight. Laxatives can be an ally, but if not taken with caution can also have the opposite effect, since ultimately its function is to accelerate the intestine. Also, if too often resorted to laxatives our body will eventually adjust. The advice, in addition to consulting a doctor or specialist, is to opt for more natural laxatives, herbs, teas and infusions, as boldo leaves, senna leaves or fruit of rosehip.

Fruit of rosehip and aloe vera

The fruit of rosehip -very used in cosmetics and skin- treatments can also be a supplement to our diet. It contains, among other components, vitamins and tannins. With its leaves can prepare a green tea rosehip. It has laxative, diuretic and stimulating effect, while it is good antioxidant. The same can be said of Aloe Vera juice, a well known and used in the world of cosmetics for its soothing properties substance. Thanks to the aloin-containing accelerator is a natural metabolism of fatty acids and allows, therefore, increase the metabolic rate of removal of fat. A very simple recipe you can do in the blender to take is: Mean Median plant leaf Aloe Vera, lemon juice and a tablespoon of honey.

The onion

This vegetable is rich in vitamin C and minerals, so that in addition to helping you lose weight will protect us from the most common diseases like constipation or flu. It has a remarkable diuretic power and holy hand against constipation as active bowel movement. Enter it in the diet is also quite simple, it tastes good, it costs very little and there are countless recipes with which to draw inspiration.

All foods with high fiber fruits, vegetables and legumbres- allowed the definition of laxatives, since fiber (soluble and insoluble) helps regulate intestinal function. This type of laxative, as well as help our gut, it also helps us lose weight in a natural way. Foods like pineapple, apple, tomato, the plums, the blueberries or the coffee.

Pros and cons of laxatives

Laxatives can reduce the feeling of heaviness and swelling, but can also increase fluid loss. Both diet to follow, such as hydration, play a fundamental role because laxatives may promote the loss of minerals (potassium, sodium), water soluble vitamins and cause as rebound effect, constipation and problems of intestinal flora.

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