Curly hairstyles autumn-winter 2015-2016: All new [PHOTOS]

Which are the curly hairstyles Dress Up autumn-winter 2015-2016? From the very short to longer and bulkier, developments are many and do not the be missed. We show them one by one.

But better to take these must-have, however, it is essential to take care hair the right way, how to use products that have an detangle hair treatment. Thus, the Curl appears smooth and defined, it suits hairstyles to wear everyday or special occasions. And if you have unruly hair, do not suffer, for the coming cold season on the catwalk brands have also left the uncombed hair style effect 80, always very cool.

When it comes to curly hair, the first image that comes to mind is that of a hair a little messy, difficult to handle and rebellious. Having curly hair, however, does not mean giving up trends. The cold season coming, promises to be full of glamor thanks to hair we saw parading in the latest fashion runways. As for length, we found something for everyone. Pixie cut, so loved by celebs, first, lives his great moment of glory with short curly hair or slightly longer with natural waves. You can also get a more aggressive style and punk, when one side of the head rapa. If you have a romantic personality, definitely the best option lies in the middle curly bob, giving the hair a bit of volume. The ideal complement to this iconic look is, of course, long bangs, the big trend for next winter. You can wear curly or straight, to create some contrast with the rest of the hair.

medium-long cuts

For middling cuts, Fashion designers are behind a 80s style, where they seek super voluminous hairstyles.

Manes are presented sufficiently disheveled and bulky along with a smooth hyper bangs. Long curly hairstyles are still a widely shared option, but is strictly escalations. Layers with different lengths help give the hair more movement, not to mention an important tuft on the face enhancing makeup. The latest trend is related to the color: To rekindle our manes there is nothing better than the new technique that comes from New York, the hand pressed. We will suggest you browse our Photo gallery to know all the trends of cuts and hairstyles for the upcoming season. Designers offer us curly hairstyles for fall-winter 2015-2016 practically irresistible!

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