Arthrosis, Remove rye bread

Arthrosis, Remove rye bread. When the bones weaken, should review our diet and bet on some foods that, perhaps, until now we had not given due attention. OA is one of the alterations articular more frequent. Although it is a chronic ailment, There are different measures to combat their symptom and even delay its evolution. The feeding, as in everything related to our Health, also it plays an important role in cases of osteoarthritis.

Rye, when compared to other cereal as wheat, he has less gluten, less protein and fat. On the other hand, it contains more fiber and more carbohydrates than other types of bread, such as bread White, and it is also a source of vitamins, minerals (Calcium, iron) and folic acid. Rye bread, in addition to its characteristic color (Tending to black), often it lacks crust and is less elastic than other types of breads, precisely because the flour has less gluten.

Thanks to its contribution in lysine, a compound that is scarce in the rest of the family cereals, rye bread production favors collagen. This benefit enhances bone mass and helps to prevent osteoarthritis, which appears as a result of wear of the articular cartilage, tissue found between the bones and damps the impact therebetween. Osteoarthritis can affect spine, the hands, knees Y hip. Its most characteristic symptom is pain, which usually occurs with the movement of the affected and yield with rest joint.

Rye Bread: Other properties

Rye bread is already present in our diet, although to a lesser extent than other types of breads or foods made with this type of cereal. In fact, its main use is usually as a companion or base Canapes.

Rye bread for its fiber content we've discussed earlier, is also a good ally to combat constipation problems and promote intestinal transit. In addition, it is also a good ally of diets for diabetics -reduces and slows the absorption of sugars simple by the organism and diets to balance cholesterol levels. In addition, this type is more saciante, or at least, reduce the feeling of hunger for longer by delaying the emptying time of our stomach.

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