Dyes for clothes: Learn to dye your own clothes!

Dyes for clothes: Learn to dye your own clothes! How many times has happened to us black pants that has lost its color and we want it back? Or the color of a shirt does not finish like us all but we feel great? For all these cases the solution is very simple and also we have within our hands as if we color we want and we know what steps we take to make it a shirt with a color and shiny as newly purchased Now we have everything done. Therefore, because we know that ever happened to you, just like we teach you what are the steps to dye clothing is perfect.

The colors of clothes lose their liveliness as we washing them. And is that as normal, as we rub and soak each garment, or even the sunlight, These colors go losing their tonality and become old tones that sometimes disfigure clothes.

You have to be very careful and very careful when washing clothes, And although we think it does not matter what mix white with red, nothing is further from reality.

There are always cases where we are spoiled clothes, or so it seems, for example, when we have fallen a difficult stain to remove despite follow all the advice for disposal or when we left a dark garment to sunlight for a long time.

In the latter case we can use dye, and when we want to change color colored shirt or pants.

What steps must be followed to properly dye clothes?

  • First we have to discolor clothing, This will completely lose its original color and will be much easier to impregnate the new tone.
  • To do this, as long as our garments allow high temperatures, remojaremos clothes for a few minutes in water at high enough temperature.
  • Later, dissolve in warm water decoloring previously purchased in drugstores, department stores, etc.
  • Once we have the bleach in warm water, we introduce the garment to remember, previously he had been under hot water.
  • Subsequently, this warm water is introduced in which clothing, put the fire until it breaks to boil. And then for about 25-30 min stir the garment until the original color has disappeared.
  • Later, we took the garment and a cold once proceed to wash completely normal manner so that the leave list so that it can be dyed.
  • At the time of dyeing must take into account that currently dyes can be for: hand cold water, hot, washing or.
  • In this article we will explain how traditionally do, ie hand, and the result is extraordinary.

  • To do this we will choose a hand dye for hot water.
  • We just toss in a bowl water and dilute salt.
  • Place it in a casserole as we know it will subsequently take fully submerged the garment we will be dyed.
  • We just have to dye pouring liquid into the water, salt and garment and put it to cook.
  • Once it begins to boil, will remove all for 30 minutes so that the entire garment is perfectly dyed.

It is important to remember that the following washings should preferably be done by hand with soap made at home for example, because surely part of the dye will be lost, like us happens to us when we go to the hairdresser to give us our Californian wicks or our dyes of hair.

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