micellar water: The best of 2016 [PHOTOS]

Micellar water is one of the products most successful new generation currently has. Micellar water is a product SUV, ie cleans, moisturizes and invigorates the skin. Micellar water is used to remove makeup from the face and is perfect for lazy. You'll love to use it as a second step in your facial routine. In the market there are many micellar water, but there are some that are better than others. Discover with us the best products of 2016.

Micellar water

Micellar water serves to remove makeup from the face. Removes impurities from the skin, clean, tones and moisturizes while. It can be used as a normal cleanser, or as a second step in your facial cleansing routine. The you can apply as follows: first, using a cleansing milk or a gel, then apply water micellar with cotton and after facial tonic. Then you can and apply a serum or moisturizer.

Garnier micellar water It is perfect if you are looking for quickly, easily and effectiveness in removing makeup. Garnier has two types of micellar waters: for all skin types and for combination or oily skin. The first is a soft micelle water with high skin tolerance, which purifies and clean. The second water is fresh and active cleaning regulatory actions with skin

Micellar Cleansing Water with Rose Petals Nuxe

Micellar water with rose petals Nuxe is a real must have. desmaquillante this water and soften the face, lips and eyes in a single gesture. Leaves skin clean, soft and comfortable. It is perfect for sensitive skin or normal skin.

micellar water Caudalíe

This clean and remove make-up water face and eyes, even the most sensitive. Moisturized and calm,
 and the skin is crisp, smooth and comfortable. Carries organic chamomile water and organic grapes.

Avril, the Lotion Micellaire

Avril micellar lotion is rich water moisturizers organic aloe vera. Clean your face gently without drying. It also carries organic floral water, known for its soothing properties blueberries also gives a fresh and delicate aroma. This water is ideal for those who prefer to use organic cosmetics and bio.

Elemis micellar water

Elemis water micellar Smart refreshes the face gently. It is a luxurious micellar water removes dirt and impurities.

Carries rosehip oil, apple and sapindus amino acids and organic water English rose. Check out our photo gallery to view the best micellar water market.

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