Menstruation: How do you lower the rule

    No woman is glad to arrive days when you have to lower the menstruation because for some are a days full of aches and pains, On the other hand, the fact that we did not get off is also of concern.

    If pregnancy is because there is nothing to do but there are other reasons that make us menstruation delayed several days, so today I want to give some Natural medicine which can come in handy to know How do you lower the rule.

    Reasons why the rule is delayed: Lifestyle

    The pace of life, stress, nerves are ... reasons for menstruation may be delayed, but this does not mean we can not do anything down to us. If you are not pregnant and do not have any problem to be controlled by a gynecologist and causing these delays, keep reading because we're going to take a few natural remedies so you know how to make you lower the rule.

    As a remedy for heat down to us the rule

    Heat is one of the best home remedies to stop menstruation pain, but it is also one of the most effective natural remedies to send down to us the rule. Take a hot bath with shower impinging in the ovaries, thus the blood vessels dilate relaxing them and favoring the descent of menstruation.

    Aspirin as a remedy to lower the rule

    Aspirin helps to lower the rule because it has a component that causes the blood is diluted. The same surprising because normally you hear is not good to take aspirin when we have the rule, which is true, especially if you have a heavy period, so you just have to take it if menstruation is delayed and not during the days of rule.

    natural remedies to send down the rule: Infusions and evening primrose oil

    Evening primrose oil and infusions are good for send down to us when we have a rule delay, especially infusion of thyme and saffron. Put about 60 grams of thyme and the same saffron in 750 ml of water and simmer until it is consumed as a third of the water, and then strain it will take list your infusion twice daily. Evening primrose oil, known as &# 8220; the plant Women&# 8221 ;, it is one of the most effective natural remedies to regulate the menstrual cycle, in addition to relieving symptoms once it has come to us the rule. It takes into tablets called beads evening primrose oil.

    Ruda infusion us to lower the rule

    The infusion rough It is highly recommended as natural remedy to send down to us the rule infusion is rough. Essential oils of rue increase blood flow to the uterine area thus causing menstruation. For its preparation you just have to put water to boil and pour a tablespoon or two of rough, when you boiled Let stand a few minutes, you'll take your infusion rude about 2 or 3 times a day.

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