My boyfriend ignores me: The most common reasons men

    Surely you have left your mouth conversations with friends one &# 8220; my boyfriend ignores me&8221;. At some point in the relationship we all feel that our boyfriend ignores us or makes us all if we would like. Sometimes it may be due to concerns outside the relationship or other reasons (your insurance you have also ignored on occasion), but in other cases it may be for the couple problem which we have no knowledge. Today we tell the most common reasons that men have to do to not take hasty decisions or do not worry unnecessarily.

    Before you start thinking that is another, or your boyfriend has left you without knowing why, check out the motives by which men usually stop us if, and possibly reach a different conclusion.

    1. Has your mind occupied

    Sometimes, concerns by work, family and stress can cause head're not 100% and we are all the time mulling over the problems. It may be the case with your boyfriend and worries or stress you are not pretending that you're ignoring or you are not paying attention you deserve. Try to talk to him to be desahoge you of all your worries and realize that you can rely on rather than retract. For many couples, overwork can lead to crisis, including ruptures, this can avoid a conversation time.

    2. Prefers face to face

    You have probably found many men who do not support talking on phone or spend time writing messages. Maybe your guy is one of them and why does not answer your posts. If this is the case, we must understand that failure to answer messages or call frequently, does not mean you do not think about you, each person lives the relationship and expresses feelings differently and prefer to leave the loving words when you stand together.

    3. Feeling overwhelmed

    If you start behave obsessively when you do not get immediate messages or answer your boyfriend is online at WhatsApp and is not talking to you can get to wear you down and get the effect opposite of what you wanted. The more you bogged down, the greater the distance from it, in this article we relationship between social networks and pathological jealousy, you may have a problem with jealousy and not be aware.

    4. Labor Commitments

    In most cases, when there is no other problem in the couple, work is one of the main reasons that we are not so outstanding of our partner. Daily labor concerns, a major project, ideas to thrive at work&# 8230; In this case not only ignores you or not so steep you, but it will do with everybody: family, friends&# 8230; If, despite this, you think there may be another reason or that your boyfriend is cheating on you, check out this article where we tell you what are the characteristics of unfaithful men.

    5. It is knowing another

    Unfortunately, it may be that your suspicions are true and your boyfriend have met someone else. Faced with this situation there may be two possibilities: that your boyfriend is cheating and breaking the relationship but think he does not dare to do so or that you have gone through a time of crisis and he has felt confused. At this point, you'll have to appreciate that what to do: if you break the relationship or give him a chance.

    6. Your boyfriend ignores you because he wants to leave

    Although not want to hear, it is possible that your child has arisen end your relationship, you may well come to know the signs to predict a break. If this has been your case, do not despair, when you least expect love will come into your life, if your relationship was not quite right and your boyfriend was ignoring, quitting is the best you could do.

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