How to grow faster naturally eyebrows

Who does not want to look perfect eyebrows? If you see that your eyebrows are slow to grow and you fail your goal, try some of these natural tips to grow eyebrows in record time.

Tricks to grow eyebrows

We can give you many tips to get perfect eyebrows, but first we need to get to have the thickness we want, and for that, nothing better than to follow any of the advice you're going to give then to quickly and naturally grow eyebrows. Aim!

  1. Castor oil: Finger applying some of this castor oil eyebrows at night and cleaning in the morning, you get them to have a greater thickness in 3-4 weeks. It is best to mix it with a little olive oil and also helps you to grow eyelashes.
  2. Rosemary oil: It is best to shop rosemary essential oil, to mix it with any kind of oil, can use the baby, because it will help soften the aroma and thus avoid the skin irritation. You can apply it daily and see the results gradually.
  3. VaselineYes, it sounds strange, applying a little Vaseline on eyebrows you get to stand firm and straight, since the conditions and moisturizes and can see the results in about 3 months if you apply 3 to 4 times a day.
  4. Coconut oil for growth of eyebrowsThis type of oil helps accelerate growth hair of the eyebrows, making it also is thicker. The best: apply directly and leave it on all night.
  5. Onion juice: Can you take back the smell, but if you apply a little fresh onion juice over his eyebrows and let act a half hour, then clean the face, you'll help stimulate new hair growth, since the contain a large amount of sulfur, it helps improve circulation in the zone.
  6. Massage with olive oil to grow eyebrows: With only five minutes of daily massage in the area between the eyebrows, helped with a little olive oil, will increase blood circulation in the area, which will help boost hair growth eyebrows.
  7. Aloe vera: Take a few leaves of aloe vera and Mash them, then massage the area of ​​the eyebrows with the juice you've got, thereby achieving hair grow faster, since due to excessive removal of this area, the hair grows much slower.
  8. MilkThis dairy product that we all have at home, helps us to have a Thicker and eyebrows, because milk nourishes this area, making the hair grow faster. The best way to apply it is throwing some milk on a cotton, then apply it to the area before going to sleep, letting it work overnight.
  9. Vitamins B and D: Eating foods rich in these vitamins help to combat the effects eyebrows nocivosque to have around, like mascara or eyeliner and pointing these foods in your daily diet.

Which of these tips are you going to try to Eyebrows grow quickly and naturally?

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