Gilbert syndrome: symptoms, diagnosis and disability

He Gilbert's syndrome, whose main feature is the yellowing skin acquires, is a benign condition that affects the liver. According to medical data, it is estimated to affect 5-7% of the population, one benign disease that does not involve further complications, or cause hepatitis or cirrhosis. Why Gilbert syndrome appears? It is named the liver dysfunction linked to a genetic mutation originally hereditary, and it can even be considered a silent disease, since it is common that no obvious symptoms present. Let's see then what are the characteristics of this disease, what are its symptoms and diagnosis.

Characteristics and symptoms

As we have pointed out the yellowing of the skin is the symptom most common of Gilbert's syndrome, a common symptom with other diseases of the liver, although we have a benign disease in this case caused by the increase bilirubin, substance resulting from the decomposition of Red blood cells they age and, under normal conditions, is processed by the liver before passing to the bowels to be expelled out with the stool. However, sometimes the liver is unable to properly process bilirubin, producing a accumulation which is absorbed by the skin and tissues, hence change its color to yellow (called jaundice). Other symptoms that may also occur are fatigue and mild abdominal pain.

Causes, diagnosis and treatment

The cause that this mechanism does not work the right way and excessive accumulation of bilirubin occurs lies in a inherited genetic mutation. Gilbert's syndrome is more common in men, but women should not be considered immune. To make a diagnosis of the disorder simply have to assess bilirubin levels in the blood, through a simple blood draw.

One of those responsible for this disorder, although not the only, is known as UGT1 gene. Although at first diagnosis can alarm us, do not fret because this is a disorder which does not cause liver damage or cirrhosis or anything like that. Nor is it necessary specifically vaccinated against hepatitis.

There is no specific treatment for Gilbert's syndrome, since it does not interfere negatively with the quality of life. As therapeutic exception: if jaundice It is particularly evident and cause discomfort and embarrassment specialist may prescribe an appropriate drug to stem the flow, reducing this symptom.

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