Sore ribs: Possible Causes and when to worry

Rib pain is one of the most common complaints and affect all bones, along with the vertebrae and sternum form the ribcage. Although usually due to an overload of the joint or muscles in the area or a stroke, it is a pain that should not be underestimated because it can be a symptom of some other health disorder more severe.

The rib pain may be due to multiple causes, so you should consult your doctor if persists more than two days, it becomes recurrent or if it occurs, for example, coughing or breathing. The location of pain (right or left rib pain under the ribs&# 8230;), intensity and symptoms that accompany determine the cause or condition associated with pain ribs.

Pain caused by costochondritis becomes more intense breathing, even hinders any movement. It may come accompanied by inflammation and take weeks to forward fully. Costochondritis may be associated with other disorders such as psoriatic arthritis, or appear by stress or after suffering a tough emotional blow.

Coughs sore ribs

It may be due to a small crack caused by a sudden movement or a stroke or bruised rib area. Even a cough for several days can cause a small crack in the ribs.

Pain in the left side ribs

The most common cause of pain in the left ribs is an injury or fracture, but not the only, because when the pain is located on the left side and under the ribs may be associated with a spleen problem.

Pain under the ribs

Pain below the ribs may be associated with two predominantly female disorders, for their higher prevalence among women. It is fibromyalgia and osteoporosis. In the first case, damage to the muscle tissue can cause pain in the ribs. Osteoporosis, weaken the bone structures to reduce and bone mineral density, can cause pain and below the ribs on the left side. Gastro also cause localized pain in this same area.

Pain under the right ribs

Pain right ribs may be associated with kidney problems, pancreas, appendix, or due to a bone disorder in the ribs or hip.

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