vaginal candidiasis causes that occurs

The women we are more vulnerable to vaginal candidiasis, a infection which is located in the female genital area, especially in stages of life as pregnancy or in the days following treatment with antibiotics. Which are the most common causes of this condition occurs? Let's see more closely what lies behind the vaginal candidiasis.

Candidiasis (Candida albicans) is a fungal infection that can affect the mucous membranes of the body and is manifested by the appearance of a whitish spots. Spots that can cause itching Y redness surrounding areas of the skin. Although there are several types of candidiadis' So for example, in the case of children is known under the name of algodoncillo- that can affect both men and women regardless of age-, it is true that we are more vulnerable to suffer from this infection. How to detect ?, can be prevented?

Candidiasis is a disease of endogenous nature, ie, produced by our own body as a result of an alteration of the balance of bacterial intestinal flora. The causes of their appearance are numerous. Thus, among the most common causes is included the immune systems -the weakened most common episodes occur, in fact, after treatment with antibiotics that can damage the flora bacteriana-, stress, diet too rich in sugars, It causes poor hygiene proliferation microorganisms- and underwear too tight. To this must be added the natural predisposition of our body.

Candidiasis Treatment

How cure candidiasis? When it occurs, it is best to go to gynecologist and manage therapy most appropriate to each case. Treatment aims inactivating organism causing the infection. Similarly, it is advisable to check hygiene habits and diet, which may also be an ally when prevent and treat these infections.

The most common treatment is usually the pessaries, creams or topical antifungals and, in the cases of repetitive infections Candida, an antifungal orally. We also have some natural remedies that can help us prevent infection and to keep in good Health mucous membranes and bacterial flora.

In the chapter on diet, to reduce the chances of developing an infection, it is advisable to reduce the intake sweet foods. On the contrary, we should bet on consumption vegetables Y fruits, since his with taken into fiber, vitamins Y minerals enhances intestinal health. It is advisable to include in the diet-and yogurt lactic acid bacteria to protect intestinal flora.

Refering to hygiene, It is best to avoid using chemicals and natural products that maintain the natural acidity of the mucous membranes, such as soap scented lavender (With soothing effect). Moreover, it is better to opt for Breathable underwear (Cotton), light color (white) and avoid using too tight pants or clothing in the groin area. And one last tip: if we practice sport, It is very important to remove the sweaty underwear he finished.

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