Sugar cane, is bad ?: Properties and contraindications

Sugar cane, is it bad? Despite their properties, the truth is that this type of sugar is much more similar to sugar beet than we think. In addition, it can be said to have virtually the same calories and the same impact on the body. And the Contraindications, they are the same?

Speaking of sugar cane must also take into account its chemical structure, which makes this type of sugar extracted from the beet are very similar. Sugar cane has always generated divided opinions about its true effects Health, especially if you look at the possible contraindications. Let's look more closely, what lies within the sugar cane.

Logically, we can not ignore the properties that also has sugar cane: contains essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. But this does not mean we can abuse their consumption, as it also has a lot potassium (Around 140 mg per hundred grams). Sugar, whatever kind it is, should be taken in moderation. In fact, we should not resort to sugar whenever we need to take something sweet. Fruits are also sweet and provide us with essential nutrients.

Another property cane sugar is that it has gluten, so it can be taken in case of gluten intolerance (celiac disease). Some research has found the cosmésticas properties sugar cane, thanks to its content Glycolic Acid, an excellent antiseptic to prevent acne and good exfoliating and acting against impurities and is able to remove dead cells of the outer layers of the skin.

Sugarcane: Contraindications

About contraindications of sugarcane is that, in general, is a sweet substance, should therefore be avoided if diabetes. Sucrose is a substance which decomposes into two components within our body, fructose and glucose. The latter is absorbed by the body, such as in the case of sugar beet, so we need the same careful not to overdo it with the consumption of sugar in diabetes.

This sugar should be avoided if you suffer from candidiasis , as Candida albicans, responsible for the infection, it is fed sucrose and proliferates in this way. Usually, in the case of this disease should avoid all simple sugars. Recall, too, that you have to limit their presence in our daily diet, as they cause an increase in blood sugar.

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